Happy (Christmas) holidays, from Zaton to you

End of year celebrations in Zadar (Image source Zadar Tourist Board; photo by Fabio Šimićev)

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time - jinglin’ with joy, sparklin’ with happiness! As the clock is just about to strike midnight on the year 2023, and a new chapter opens into the year 2024, we are sending a bag of good wishes your way:


Wishing you a Christmas holiday season full of light, laughter and love! And may health and happiness follow you into the new year 2024!


And we hope the warm, fuzzy Christmas feeling at heart travels with you on your new adventures and special moments in 2024! Like the ones we got to share with you in the season behind us:


Pure relaxation and sweet treats, enjoyed without disruptions, at the new complex Ventula Restaurant & Lounge. With the stunning views of the Adriatic Sea.


Unique camping experiences, as we did at the World Camping Festival 2023. With hundreds of camping enthusiasts gathered to celebrate the very first World Camping Day.



World Camping Festival 2023

Great events, throughout the season. From our fabulous weekly musicals, shows and parties to unique individual events such as the Folklore Festival and a Dog Show.


Fun action, at every turn. With endless possibilities and activities on the beach & the pools, sport facilities & playgrounds, Flip Flop Activity Park & Science Park, we kept you on your toes.


#Zatonmoments, to remember, revisit and and … repeat. Simply because they are never the same, yet always worth having and keeping.


Eyes turning to our upcoming 42nd season, we hope we get to share our future special moments with you. Just as we wish you a peaceful holiday season filled with magical moments with your family and friends.



Ventula Lounge at Zaton Holiday Resort

Merry Christmas and a happy new year 2024!


With love & sunshine, your Zaton Holiday Resort team