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Dive in the amazing new pools in 2017!


Swim, splash, sunbathe at the completely refurbished swimming pool complex awaiting guests at the resort in 2017! It includes entirely renovated existing pools, new pools of various sizes and attractions, as well as additional facilities. The swimming pool complex at Zaton Holiday Resort caters to all tastes and has never been more brilliant.


Entirely renovated swimming pool complex contains the following:


  • 2 renovated pools - a pool for adults and teens with the surface area of 825 m2 and 1,30 m deep; a kids’ pool with the surface area of 340 m2 and 0,30 m deep

  • pool for active swimmers with the surface area of 174 m2 and 1,30 m deep

  • 3 smaller pools equipped with hydromassage beds and benches with the surface area ranging from 86-115 m2 and 0,90 m deep

  • larger pool with hydromassage benches and a view of the Adriatic Sea (182 m2 of surface area and 1,20 m in depth)

  • 2 pools for younger guests with the surface area of 220 m2 and 60 m2 respectively

  • spray park

  • extensive sun deck

  • pool bar

  • large animation amphitheatre for 750 people


Needs and preferences of people of all generations were taken into consideration, so that the new pool complex is equally enjoyed by kids, teens and adults. Toddlers and non-swimmers can freely enjoy splashing water without their parents having to worry about the water depth. Tweens and teens can easily have their share of water fun with attractions at the pools. At the same time, adults have a choice to use the benefits of hydromassage, be active by swimming or simply relax and sunbathe by the pool.


Swim & splash. Relax & recharge. Because at Zaton Holiday Resort life is cool at the pool!

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