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Get to know our neighbours - places in the (immediate) vicinity of Zaton Holiday Resort

Zoom in northern Dalmatia, zoom in north of Zadar. That’s where you’ll find Zaton Holiday Resort. Situated in a sheltered bay, it not only has the perfect natural conditions for great holidays, but also amazing neighbours. So, learn more about the places in the vicinity, i.e. within the 15-kilometre radius from the resort.


Green travel guide to Zadar region

Mesmerizing blue, endless shades of green. Beautifully paired together in the Zadar region. Still, green is so much more than just a colour. It adds a special dimension to your holiday, one that is about responsible travel, and doing your share in keeping the destination magical, preserved and attractive to visitors.


Did you know... Top cultural sights in Zadar region and how they came into being

The old and the new… intertwined together into a story about the Zadar (region). Looking at lists of top cultural sights, you get an insight into the turmoils of the past and a better understanding of why the area has always held a special appeal.


Wishing you ... a sea of great moments this Christmas and in 2023

It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Moments to wrap up the Christmas presents for our loved ones, time to wrap up the year… So, make a selection of amazing moments and place them in your storybook of 2022. And then get ready to turn a new leaf of a new book 2023, and may it be the one to remember!