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Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Resort for a Summer Holiday in Dalmatia

Time to take it easy, time to enjoy, time to be free of care in beautiful surroundings by the sea. Isn’t that what a dream holiday should feel like? By choosing a resort rather than a hotel or a private apartment in northern Dalmatia, you are one step closer to that dream. Here is why at places like Zaton Holiday Resort you can expect not only a great stay, but a fabulous one:



Top 7 Instagram Locations in Zadar Region

Having a dream holiday in Zadar region? Don’t be shy, feel free to brag with just the right hashtag! Visit the top sights, ancient and modern, adventure-packed and peaceful. Or take the road less travelled, literally, for a unique, personal experience. Just remember to show the world the best of Zadar and the region, Instagram-worthy places like:



Family Bucket List for Zadar Region

An idle afternoon on the sun lounger, just a few steps from the shore. A day filled with adventure, activities and adrenaline. Ideas about a great time and must-do things on holiday may differ from family to family, but Zadar region offers you a lot to choose from, from mountain tops to the sea and the islands. So, what shouldn’t you miss for anything in the world? Here are a few suggestions for your family bucket list:


Campsite Amenities For a Great Stay in Zaton

A clear blue sky above and transparent sea in front of you, as far as the eye can see. A thick shade of fragrant pine trees and a light breeze for a touch of refreshment. Complete relaxation without any rush, everyday to-do lists, without a single thing to worry about. Isn’t that a picture of a fantastic holiday?