Your favourite holiday memories 2023 at Zaton Holiday Resort

Having a great time at the Ventula Lounge, Zaton Holiday Resort

Magical. Memorable. Mindful. That’s what the season 2023 has been like at Zaton Holiday Resort. Closing the doors for this year, we take a nostalgic look back at the many joyful moments that we got to witness, and our guests got to enjoy.


Fresh experiences … with Ventula

Our bright new star in the year 2023! Ventula Restaurant & Lounge, located at the central beach, is a place where you were able to treat your taste buds to delicious food, sample excellent wines at the wine bar, and indulge in home-made gelato and special sweet treats. The restaurant also offered take away service, so that you were able to enjoy the meal in the privacy of your accommodation unit.


Topping off your Ventula experience, the facility also includes the lounge area for guests over the age of 16 on the rooftop level. Featuring a bar, two swimming pools and two sunbathing zones, one with loungers and the other with gazebos, the stress-free Ventula Lounge was just perfect for special moments.


Fresh experiences… with the science park

Fun science to awaken curiosity! Situated in the eastern part of the beach, the science park with its exhibits was a place where you were able to explore fascinating facts and play with your senses. For example, you created mismatched portraits by using the mirror for two, played with illusions of the magic spiral, discovered the way sound travels with the help of the sound mirror, and more…


World Camping Day & Festival


World Camping Festival 2023 at Zaton Holiday Resort

Welcoming the summer of 2023 with a celebration of cross-cultural friendship and love of nature! Namely, Zaton Holiday Resort hosted the World Camping Festival which also celebrated the first World Camping Day on June 29. It was a week of positive emotions, enjoying camping and discovering the beauties of the Zadar region for everyone involved.


Evening joys & sporty thrills

We have kept you happily busy and entertained throughout the season! Our friendly and imaginative animation team gave a wealth of fun moments to watch, and challenged you to take an active part in many of them as well.


We brought the jungle and its king, Tarzan, to our open-air theatre! Just as we encouraged our youngest guests to take centre stage and perform in the Broadway Kids Mini Musical. We also had a splashing time with inflatable water accessories at the Pool Party! Just as we loved to dance to the beat at the Silent Disco event. And more…


We also motivated you to keep fit and take up new hobbies. Apart from the available sports facilities, you were heartily invited to participate in the competitions and daily animation activities, not to mention the 5-day long Sport September.



Swimming contest at Zaton Holiday Resort

Fun with Zatonino

Friendly & fluffy, that’s our fun seahorse! He was your children’s greatest supporter in a Zatonino Race and mini musicals, not to mention hitting the dance floor at the mini disco every night at the theatre. In addition, he loved to throw birthday bashes every other week, all summer long, for everyone to enjoy.


Farewell, season 2023!

It’s been a season full of amazing moments and new experiences to remember. So, hold those memories close to keep you warm in the cool months ahead. Simply keep the Zaton state of mind… Right until we meet again, in 2024!