It’s Time for Fun: Entertainment, Animation, and Zatonino!

Fun for all generations at Zaton Holiday Resort

Family holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort means the best fun ever for every member of your family. We literally have so much going on that you will not have time to try everything. From water games and sports on the beach and by the pool to themed evening programs and show nights, you can take part in the full range of fun and healthy experiences at the resort.


Our show and themed evenings will give you unforgettable memories and authentic stories. Spend the next day simply relaxing on the beach while your kids sign up for swimming, dancing, or mini-driving school, and come back invigorated in the evening for one of our exciting show programs or mini disco.


Entertainment for Everyone

After spending a wonderful day under the sun or in the shade of pine trees, do not miss out on enjoying the rhythms and performances of the various themed musical shows. Whether you choose Cinderella Story for children, Millennials, or The Greatest Showman, we assure you that you will love it.


In Zaton, you will never be bored, because we have made it our mission to make your holiday the best experience of the year. All you have to do is choose what you want to do next.


Maybe you are an absolute fan of exciting evening shows for all ages or you prefer relaxing culinary nights, but whatever it is, we’ve got you covered. Zaton Holiday Resort is the place where magic comes to life.


Just check our weekly schedule in Zaton News or at the info boards and plan your next big fun.


Evening entertainment at Zaton Holiday Resort's theatre

Animation: Where Boredom Doesn't Exist

Zaton Holiday Resort is an ideal place for fun and learning for all ages. In addition to the breathtaking Mediterranean nature that we have made an integral part of all our entertainment and educational programs, you will also be welcomed by a team of our expert animators who have created unique programs that guarantee the development of new skills, creativity, friendships, and memories for a lifetime.


Your children will love having fun and learning at the same time, whether in the Kids Pool and Mini Disco or the Kids Club and Teens Club. They will also love to partake in friendly competitions in many disciplines.


Some of Zaton Holiday Resort Fun Classes

AstroNino: Let's discover the universe together through various games using solar system models, quizzes, kite flying, and more!


History Tribe: Have you always wanted to try creative painting and treasure hunting? Take part in a History Obstacle Course, combine it with a Historical Tournament, and find out!


Zatonino, the World Champion: Competition time means polygon games, pool games, rope games, ball games, children's gymnastics, obstacle courses, and more!


Family Fun: Let the whole family enjoy crafts, games of pantomime, family face paint, and more!



Fun with Zatonino at Zaton Holiday Resort

Kids Love Zatonino

Meet Zatonino, the heart-warming mascot of Zaton Holiday Resort and our little guests' best buddy! With a big smile and a twinkle in his eye, Zatonino embodies the spirit of fun and adventure. Dressed in bright colors that reflect the resort's lively atmosphere, this lovable character is the perfect companion for your holiday with us.


Explore Zaton Holiday Resort with your family and enjoy your definition of fun. For some it's games and competitions, for others, it's knowledge and evening shows. Whatever it is, now you can enjoy it all together. Think no more but book your best days in Zaton Holiday Resort.