Choose Glamping over a Hotel in Dalmatia

Choose Glamping over a Hotel in Dalmatia


Explore well preserved nature and rich cultural historical heritage. Get the feel what life was once like in the Mediterranean region. Taste the healthiest, yet absolutely delicious cuisine in the world. In a few words, experience Dalmatia! And do so by coming closer to nature, without having to give up the comforts and standards of contemporary life.

Do it your way, but also with style - choose glamping over a hotel! Here are a few reasons why camping with a twist results in one of the most fulfilling holidays.


A different kind of comfort


No matter how many stars a hotel has, how great the interior design is, how many top-notch gadgets are available in the room, it’s still basically a four-wall bedroom you stay at with some privacy, but no real personality. Quite the opposite are glamping tents in Zaton Holiday Resort which give you the privacy, the amazing design with attention to detail and are equipped with modern home appliances. They are a place where it's easy to get the feeling you’re home. So, it’s the homey feel with a bit of glamour that makes glamping in Dalmatia better than choosing hotels for holiday accommodation!


Closeness to nature


The moment you wake up and step outside your glamping tent, you’re in nature, surrounded by Mediterranean greenery with the scent of lavender and pine trees in the air. And in the evening just allow the crickets to lull you into a good-night sleep. There’s hardly a hotel that can give you that, no matter how well tended the garden area. In fact, not many of them can provide a room with a large terrace for personal use only. So, it’s the opportunity to really spend time in nature why glamping in Dalmatia is so great!


Togetherness and quality time


Hardly any hotel room can give you the space and options to do things together as a family or a group of friends, while glamping tents with their spacious terrace simply invite you to share a private meal together and not with all the other resort guests, to play a game, have a relaxed afternoon sipping coffee and simply to chill out in the open. So, reconnecting with people you love and spending quality time together is clearly so much easier in the open space of a glamping tent when compared to a dull hotel room.


Overall experience


To put it in a nutshell, there really aren’t that many hotels in Dalmatia that can deliver equally spacious and comfortable accommodation as do glamping tents in Zaton Holiday Resort. Nor can many of them boast dedication to preserving the natural environment, giving the guests an authentic holiday experience in nature. Also, the resort has the best beach in Dalmatia as well as sports and fun activities available for all generations. A holiday can hardly get better than in a glamping tent in Zaton. And it’s so much more personal and original, it's a place to remember. So, be different, try something new, choose a glamping holiday in Dalmatia!