Travel and Holiday Inspiration for 2021 - the Beautiful Zadar Region

Breathtaking seaside in Zadar region

A place with magical landscapes that take your breath away. A quiet place to tune out the everyday rhythm and noise. A place filled with carefree bustle and endless fun options.



Why not have it all and make every holiday moment count in 2021? So, find your source of inspiration for travel and holiday in the amazing Zadar region:


Zadar region in all the magnificent shades

Mesmerizing blue sea sparkling in the sun. Let it work its magic as you look at it from the beach, as you explore its world under the surface when snorkelling or diving, as you admire it from the lookouts.



Peaceful green all around. Find new energy taking in the lovely nature around - the fragrant pine trees providing shade on the beach, olive groves and Mediterranean plants both on the islands and the hinterland, the amazing forests of Paklenica National Park.


Breathtaking palettes of sunset colours. Always unique, always special. Feel inspired as you admire the most beautiful sunset in the world, which happens to be in Zadar region.


Beautiful nature in Zadar region - the Zrmanja river and canyon


Zadar region with all its wonders

Stunning coast with secluded coves and amazing beaches. Take your pick among the sandy, pebbly, rocky, in short, among some of the most popular beaches in Croatia - Queen’s Beach in Nin, Sakarun on Dugi Otok island and Zaton beach .


Numerous islands and islets, one lovelier than the next. This is where you’ll find the heart-shaped Galešnjak, the stunning Dugi Otok, the green oasis of Ugljan and Pašman, the bare Pag and many more.


Peaks with unforgettable views. Be it the highest points of the southern slopes of Velebit (Paklenica National Park) or the tops of the islands, hills and mountains of the region add special touch to its beauty.


Winding rivers and lakes full of life. While it is difficult to outshine the sea, the rivers such as Zrmanja with its canyon, Krka with its waterfalls or Vrana Lake with rich biodiversity also contribute to the allure of the region.


Extraordinary beauty of nature in Paklenica National Park



Zadar region for unparalleled experiences

Zadar region is not just meant to be seen - it is meant to be explored, enjoyed and experienced in its entirety. Be it with major tours, simple joys or adventure.


Soak up the sun sitting on the steps of the Sea Organ, having roamed the historical streets and squares of Zadar. Look for the hidden treasures of heritage and tradition in smaller places outside of the city as well - learn about salt production in Nin, admire the hand-made Pag lace, delight in locally made olive oil and wine in Ravni kotari - products of a long-established tradition.


Actively discover the rich heritage and stunning nature all around. Hike and cycle along the numerous trails along the coast, through charming historical villages and towns, uphill for fabulous views. Sail around the islands of Zadar archipelago and enjoy the peace and quiet of hidden coves. Go kayaking or SUP along the coast, down the river and over the lakes. Feel the thrill of being active, feel inspired by everything around you.


Zadar region - pure inspiration … and so much more

Don’t overthink about what may or may not be off-limits in 2021. Let the beauty of a destination and the promise of memorable experiences guide your decisions. Take a leap of faith and colour your 2021 in all the right shades, the shades of Zadar region!


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