Walk Along the Beach in Zaton And Have It All!

Walk Along the Beach in Zaton And Have It All!

A light breeze gently strokes your skin as you lie on a lounger in the shade. The soothing sound of the waves washing the shore lulls you into a relaxed nap. Life is good. Not only good, life is excellent on the beach at Zaton Holiday Resort. Here are just a few hints about how to make the most of it, from west to east:





Dog friendly zone

A happy woof woof from your dog! First, because they can have a refreshing swim in the designated area in the western part of the beach. Secondly, because they can join you for your morning coffee or afternoon refreshment at the dog-friendly beach bar Mareta. After all, they are also a part of your family (holiday).



Bounty playground

Yo, ho, ho! A pirate or a captain, your kids can be whatever their imagination tells them as they explore the sunken ship playground, on the beach right in front of the campsite.



Inflatable water park

Climb, hop & dive. Once your kids have had their share of fun exploring the shore, building sandcastles and swimming, why not treat them to a fabulous splashing time in the inflatable water park and icebergs? It is subject to additional charge, but it’s also irresistible summer fun.






Beach volleyball courts

Ace it! In a game of beach volleyball. Form teams with your family members and your new friends and get moving! Beach volleyball courts are available near the bounty playground as well as the climbing nets in the eastern part of the resort.



Snacks on the beach

Take a break from beach activities and grab a quick bite to eat at the beach bar Val, near the central promenade, or Novi val, close to the swimming pool complex. For delicious Dalmatian meals you can also go to a Dalmatian tavern or also choose the a la carte restaurant, both of which are within easy reach from the beach. Most importantly, take note of all the ice cream stands with summer’s favourite dessert along the beach. Mmmmm!






Access for people with disabilities

Access to the sea is available for people with disabilities not far from the central promenade and beach bar Val. After all, Zaton Holiday Resort cares about each and every guest and wants to ensure they have a great holiday.



Swimming pool complex

Slide, swim & sunbathe at the swimming pool complex in the eastern part of the beach. With pools of different shapes and sizes, extensive sun deck, water attractions, slides and a spray park for kids, the complex is a fabulous addition to an equally wonderful beach.



Water sport zone

Want to taste a bit of adventure? Rent a jet ski, a canoe or a paddle boat with slide to get a different perspective of the beach. Go parasailing or hop on a water banana for the ultimate adrenaline rush. Why not also try diving? At the water sport zone, you can make all the arrangements for adrenaliiiiine!



Water sport zone



Climbing nets

Up and up to the top! In the eastern part of the resort, kids love to face the challenge of climbing nets. Once they have mastered it, they can also explore other playgrounds nearby as well.



Flip Flop Activity Park

Fun for everyone! In the eastern part of the beach, Flip Flop Activity Park has a number of activities to choose from: mini golf, (table) tennis, boccia, archery, outdoor fitness, mini driving school. So, why not use the chance to take up a new activity?



Just the right spot

A rented lounger and a sun umbrella near the shore. A bench by the walking path. The extensive beach zone from west to east allows all guests to find exactly the right spot for them and their family, just as they like it.



Zaton beach - a dream come true!

Ah, the beach. Not just any beach, though. Just a thought that takes you to the beach in Zaton, sandy shore, pine trees, islands in the distance, relaxation on a lounger, is enough to brighten your day. So, have a happy daydream (until your next holiday in Zaton)!