Wishing you good health ...and a sea of #ZatonMoments in 2021!

Good wishes for 2021

Feeling ready to reset and restart? As the final days of the challenging year 2020 approach, the moment has come to count our blessings and turn to a future hopefully filled with bright and shiny moments. May there be irresistible #ZatonMoments among them and may 2021 be filled with…


… good health!

Just like when you breathe in the healthy sea air perfectly complemented by the fragrance of the Mediterranean greenery at Zaton Holiday Resort. Or when you keep active on your holiday, by going for a jog at sunrise or a walk at the colourful sunset, by swimming a few distances every day, playing beach volleyball or cycling all over the region. How about delighting in the healthy Dalmatian cuisine, indulging in fish and meat specialties served with locally sourced seasonal vegetables?



Pure pleasure in a swimming pool at Zaton Holiday Resort


… perfect peace!

Just like the one you feel when you are soaking in the sun listening to the waves washing the shore or when the crickets’ chirp lulls you into a nap in the shade. You may also like to lounge by the pool with a refreshment in your hand or enjoy a hydromassage in the pool with a view of the sea.



… exciting new adventures!

Just like when you cycle to the peak on an island or hike to the mountain top in Paklenica National Park for sensational views. Or when you go sailing around the amazing islands of Zadar archipelago, Telašćica Nature Park and Kornati Islands National Park. How about the thrill of diving and snorkelling to explore the underwater world? Or when you feel the adrenaline rush paddling along the Zrmanja river and doing water sports in Zaton. What about that feeling of excitement and accomplishment as you take up new hobbies at the Flip Flop Activity Park?


Parasailing at Zaton Holiday Resort

… excellent fun!

Just like when you watch an entertaining musical at the theatre in Zaton under the starry sky. Or when a smile doesn’t leave your children’s faces as they share an ice cream or do fun activities with Zatonino. How about all the themed parties at the pool or at the Saturnus disco? Maybe you also love to laugh so hard your stomach hurts as you take part or watch Wipeout obstacle races, game shows and amusing competitions.



… memorable trips of discovery!

Just like when you walk the cobbled historical streets until you reach the amazing modern attractions of Zadar - the Sea Organ and the Greetings to the Sun. Or when you discover that charming small towns such as Nin and Pag have fascinating stories to tell.



Only good wishes for 2021

May 2021 be the year filled with unique, precious moments such as the ones you get to experience at Zaton Holiday Resort. And may the feeling of endless joy and happiness that comes with #ZatonMoments last all year long!