Lovely Autumn in Zadar Region

Autumn in Zadar region - olive harvest

Warm sun rays that have lost their high intensity. An occasional gust of wind and some raindrops every now and then. Absolute tranquility without the buzzing crowds. That’s how autumn slowly begins to show its face in Zadar region.



Then, there’s the lovely change of colours every here and there beautifully blended with the evergreen Mediterranean plants and endless blue shades of the sea. Autumn, indeed, has a special charm in this part of the Adriatic coast and here’s what it’s all about:


Time to reap the fruits - olives & grapes

Still buzzing with excitement! The bustle may have left the beaches, but it isn’t quite gone yet. It has just moved to different locations - olive groves and vineyards. It is the time of year to pick the fruits of hard work invested throughout the year.



A vineyard in Zadar region in autumn (photo by Ivo Biočina, Croatian Tourist Board)

The olive groves of Zadar region are, thus, full of life during the harvest in autumn which will hopefully result in yet another product of the highest quality. Namely, the tradition of making the ‘green gold’, olive oil, dates back centuries if not millennia in this region. Zaton Holiday Resort also boasts round 100 olive trees resulting in 150 l of olive oil annually. Apart from getting a taste of the ‘green gold’ at the resort, you can also visit the olive groves in the area regardless of the season. After all, the olive groves on the islands of Ugljan, Pašman and in Ravni kotari in the Zadar hinterland are not only places where excellent olive oil is made, but also add a magic green touch to the landscape of the region.


Once autumn has arrived, the vineyards are also full of hustle and bustle. After all, harvesting grapes is the highlight of the year for every wine producer. The well-known wine-bearing part of Zadar region, Ravni kotari, has various wineries and vineyards where visitors can sample locally made wine such as maraština, debit and plavina throughout the year. Not far from Zaton Holiday Resort you can also try amazing wines made of native grape varieties such as pošip, crljenak and plavac mali among other wines while enjoying a spectacular sea view at Kraljevski vinogradi (Cro. ‘royal vineyards’).



Fishing fun in Zadar region (image source: Zadar Region)



Enjoying the sea

The sea may start to cool down with the first days of autumn so it’s no longer warm enough for swimming, but it still brings a lot of joy to the local people. It’s the perfect time for them to go on a fishing trip and to catch squids, to enjoy that positive effect of the open sea and the good company of friends and fellow fishermen.


Pleasant weather conditions and lovely nature

Changeable yet charming! Autumn may be less predictable in terms of outdoor conditions, but there are still plenty of stretches of lovely weather, just perfect for spending time outdoors. Average temperature in October is between 15 and 20 degrees, in November just a few degrees less. Indeed, experiencing the peace and quiet in the amazing autumn setting in nature can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling in Zadar region.