Overview of Top Destinations Lists Which Include Zadar and Vicinity

Magnificent historical peninsula in Zadar

It is the urban vibe, it is the beach in the city, it is the whole package… Zadar indeed has all top destination qualities as many international media have recognized and showcased in various instances. Check out what the city has been praised for and listed as so far:



You just have to see … this city of Zadar

52 is the number of weeks in a year, 52 is the number of must-see places the New York Times picked in 2019. With Zadar among them. Focusing on the city’s unique elements such as the Sea Organ and the beautiful sunset, the article also mentions the islands of Zadar archipelago for an amazing holiday experience in this fascinating Dalmatian city and region.



The irresistible urban buzz of Zadar has also been recognized by one of the most prominent travel industry experts - the Lonely Planet. The popular travel guide praised the interplay of historical heritage and modern attractions, the laid-back atmosphere and its quirkiness, including it on the list of Top City Destinations.



A beach in the city of Zadar



A beach holiday … in the city

Dive into the sea right in the city! Apart from the annual summer event attracting hundreds of people to jump into the sea off the promenade for a good cause, there are several beaches relatively close to the historical peninsula where you can go for a refreshing swim. That way visitors can enjoy exploring the exciting attractions throughout the city and have it all for an excellent beach holiday as well. So much so that Zadar was listed with the likes of Šibenik and selected coastal towns in Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and France as the best beach towns in southern Europe by the Guardian.



Among the very best in Europe

Love it, love it even more, love it like Zadar! A few years ago, the Dalmatian city was selected as one of several European destinations to be voted for to bear the title of the best European destination. And Zadar won! More than a quarter of a million travellers had cast their vote and given the prestigious title to Zadar.



Aerial view of Nin and its beaches



Finding romance in Zadar region

Yes, Zadar may have the most beautiful sunset in the world. Still, it was the charming town of Nin that was selected as a representative of the most romantic destinations in Europe. Known for its long sandy beach frequently listed among the best ones in the world, Nin is sure to rekindle that spark with its magic.



Going strong as ever

Top destination for a city break. Top destination for a beach holiday. Top destination for off- and high season getaways. Top destination for romance. Top destination for sports. Top destination for trips of discovery. Top destination for sailing. Top destination for adventure. Top destination for unique holiday experiences… That’s Zadar (region). The city and its vicinity have been listed in different selections of top destinations on several occasions so far. Justifiably so. Now, all you have to do is plan a trip and see how the city keeps reinventing itself, offering at the same time increasingly more flight connections and exciting activities to explore throughout the region!