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Rules of the prize contest

Please read these Terms and Conditions prior to entering the contest.

Article 1. Organizer

The Organizer of the contest called „Ventula Lounge Giveaway” is Turisthotel d.d., registered at Obala kneza Branimira 6, 2300 Zadar, OIB: 74204012744  (hereinafter: the Organizer).


Article 2. Duration

The contest is to be held during the period from 21st of  August until 24th of August, 2023, 23:59h. The terms and conditions of the contest will be published on this page.


Article 3. Right to Participate

All adults who have a Facebook profile are eligible to participate in the prize contest. Minors do not have the right to participate in the contest. Employees of the Organizer and their immediate families are excluded from participating in the contest.


Article 4. How to participate

To enter the contest, it is necessary to complete the following actions:
Using their Facebook profile the participant has to write in the comment section of the „Ventula Lounge Giveaway” post, the most creative answer to the following question: „Why should you win two tickets for Ventula Lounge?”
The most creative answer, in the opinion of 3 employees of the Zaton Holiday Resort will be declared as a winner.
Content that is inadequate (offensive content, does not match the theme of the contest, etc.) will be excluded from the contest.


Article 5. Result Announcement

The winners name will be announced on the Zaton Holiday Resort Facebook page within 5 days of the end of the contest. The winner will be contacted directly via Facebook in order to obtain more information on how to claim their reward.


Article 6. Reward

Participants in this contest can win the following reward:

2 x Tickets for Ventula Lounge located at Zaton Holiday Resort, Dražnikova 78, Nin. Ticket includes a sunbed, towel and fresh fruit and can be used anytime until 30.09.2023.

Prizes are not exchangeable for money, other goods or services, and participants participating in this prize contest have no right to claim a prize other than that specified in these Terms or in larger quantities then in these Rules.

Any participant selected as a winner will not be able to transfer the prize to someone else.

If the participant selected as the winner is not eligible according to these Terms and Conditions or is disqualified for any reason, the Organizer reserves the right to determine an alternate winner or not to award that winner’s prize, at the sole discretion of the Organizer.


Article 7. Disqualification

The Organizer reserves the right to disqualify participants for the following reasons:
I. if the submitted applications do not comply with the defined contest instructions;

II. if the Participant sends content that he does not have the right to use;

III. if it is established that the right of personal of third parties has been violated by unauthorized disclosure of data;

IV. if the Participant violates the Rules or leaves incorrect personal data when giving consent;

V. if the Participant uses fake profiles to participate in the competition;
VI. if the owner or owners of the selected descriptions do not provide complete personal information and address after being contacted by the Organizer, and for the purpose of awarding the prize, within 24 hours;

VII. for some other reason that the Organizer considers affects the fairness of the competition.

All Participants who are disqualified according to the provisions of points 1 - 7 will not be notified separately about their disqualification.
The Organizer reserves the right to remove any content submitted on the Zaton Holiday Resort Facebook page that is in any way considered to be inappropriate according to Zaton Holiday Resort Team.


Article 8. Facebook Disclaimer

Facebook is not responsible for, nor does have anything to do with the promotion of the contest and is freed from all responsibilities towards each individual participant. Facebook, in no way sponsors or manages the contest nor is related to it.


Article 9. General Provisions

By applying to participate in the contest, the Participants automatically accept the current official Terms and Conditions. The Organizer has the right to change these Terms and Conditions and all participants will be informed.

Winners will be notified of the prize through Zaton Holiday Resort's official Facebook page with an invitation to submit their data with their written consent within 24 hours of the announcement of the winner. The data sent will only be used for the purposes of claiming the prize and will be stored in accordance with the GDPR regulation.

Under no circumstance, shall the Organizer be liable to the Participants and/or the Winner and/or any third party for any lost profits or lost opportunities, indirect, special, consequential or incidental damages whatsoever.

By participating in the Contest, the Participants also represent and warrant that they shall solely be liable for all actions (criminal/civil) arising there from and shall also be liable to compensate  the Organizer for any loss, claim, dispute, disruption caused to it.

The Organizer will not give out any other rewards except for the reward stated in these Terms and Conditions.

The prize competition can be terminated or changed at any time according to the decision of the Organizer without any special explanation. In case of interruption, the Participants will be notified via the Zaton Holiday Resort Facebook page.