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Historical Town of Nin


At first sight, with its a bit more than one thousand inhabitants, Nin seems like a typical Dalmatian village. However, it's one of the giants of Croatian history and due to its historical significance, it was awarded the status of a town almost twenty years ago. Once the seat of early Croatian dukes and kings, Nin is a true attraction not only due to its history, but also its well-preserved nature and scenery.

How to Choose and Rent an Apartment in Zadar


When planning a holiday, the first step is to decide on the location(s). Supposing the chosen holiday spot for the coming summer is the Zadar region, the next step is to opt for the kind of accommodation to seek. In combination with personal preferences, it is important to keep in mind the bigger picture, ie the necessities and wishes of everyone involved in the holiday - be it friends or family members.

Perfect Camping in Zadar - Zaton Holiday Resort


Camping refers to so much more than just a specific form of accommodation on holiday. It's the perfect stress relief, going back to the basics and getting in touch with Mother Nature, learning and applying new skills, it's about cooking outdoors and making new friends by borrowing a skillet, spending quality time with family and friends face to face (rather than by using modern technological devices) and chatting the night away under the starry sky and with the sound of waves close by. It's a unique experience everyone should try at least once in a lifetime.

Discover Fun in Zaton


Fun - the icing on the cake of a dream holiday. A holiday gives people an opportunity to escape from the gloomy, serious and stressful challenges of a busy modern life - it's the necessary time-out, it's the time to enjoy without having to worry about what comes tomorrow. While the essential 3 S's (sea-sand-sun) bring a smile to everyone's face, they are no longer enough for a traveller seeking unique experience. It's the entertainment that will give them a holiday to remember, the one they won't be able to stop talking about.