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7 Things Northern Dalmatia is Famous for

Countless islands of all shapes and sizes, scattered over mesmerizing clear blue sea. Beautiful shades of Mediterranean greenery on land. Quaint towns and villages telling a story of the times long past. Excellent weather, friendly people and delicious food. It’s just the perfect holiday mix … and more for you in northern Dalmatia!


Did You Know? Zaton Holiday Resort Fun & Useful Facts

It’s more than just a fabulous place for a holiday by the sea in the Zadar region. Zaton Holiday Resort tells a unique story and invites you to become an active participant in the ones that are yet to be told. Whether you are a returning guest or have only recently discovered what amazing moments await you here, there are a number of interesting and useful facts for you to discover about the resort.


All Eyes on 2022: Book Early Your Holiday in Zaton

It’s never too early to daydream. Or to browse for useful info that can make the fantasy so much greater. Even better, it’s never too early to make sure the daydream comes true. So, consider your favourite time of year for travelling and mark it with a stay at Zaton Holiday Resort in 2022. Here are a number of compelling reasons why you should consider booking it early:


Warm up your fall and winter months with Zadar Region: a photo guide

The feel of the sun rays caressing your skin, the refreshing scent of pine trees, the sound of the waves rushing to the shore… Keep the soothing image of pure relaxation by the sea in your daydream for the cool autumn and winter months ahead, and add a few more that paint the perfect picture of the breathtaking Zadar region.