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Early Booking of Holiday Accommodation at Zaton Holiday Resort

Yes, it’s time. Time to ensure your next holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort. And it’s not a moment too soon. We have opened our booking channels for 2023, so take your pick among our accommodation options and get precisely what you wish for.


Season finale 2022: remembering the highlights

The bittersweet moment has arrived. The moment we close our doors for this year. The moment we also look back at the book of our feel-good stories and memorable moments in season 2022! So, let’s take a look at the selection of a few out of thousands of happy moments in a single place - Zaton Holiday Resort:


Zadar (Region) in September 2022

Enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy the favourable weather, enjoy the Zadar region in September! The buzz of the summer may be slowing down, but the timing is excellent to welcome the arrival of autumn with a few memorable moments - in the city of Zadar, Nin, islands and hinterland, and Zaton Holiday Resort.


What's your favorite sea activity at Zaton Holiday Resort?

Swim, snorkel, surf, simply splash in the sea! After all, it is widely known that vitamin ‘sea’ is good for you. The only question is what’s your favorite way of enjoying it? Apart from amazing natural conditions, Zaton Holiday Resort offers you a wealth of options for unforgettable moments at sea.