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Why is Zaton’s Beach the Best in Dalmatia


A holiday - time to rest and move away from everyday routines. A definition most people would agree with. What the actual holiday should consist of, though, is rather personal and varies from one individual to another. Still, people who opt for a beach holiday are bound to look for the very best spots by the sea and hardly anyone can resist the inevitable beach at Zaton Holiday Resort, one of the best ones in Dalmatia. Here’s why:

Islands of the Zadar Archipelago


A hidden cove with crystal clear water and a beach with abundant shade for anyone to take shelter from inescapable sunrays. A picturesque village where time seems to have stopped and where a fisherman might prepare some fish right in front of your eyes. The traditional way. Fish caught that very dawn. It’s heaven - it’s a dream come true for all fans of sailing. It’s Zadar archipelago and its numerous, simply magical islands and islets that administratively gravitate to Zadar. From uninhabited to populated, from green to bare, from large to those inconspicuous on the map, the islands have excellent sites just waiting to be discovered by a chance visitor. 

Šokol Festival in Nin


Summer events calendar in Dalmatia is full of exciting festivities which are held throughout the country and dedicated to a variety of customs, traditions, dances and music. Their purpose is not merely to provide evening entertainment for guests, but also to give them the opportunity to learn more about the cultural heritage and the preserved traditions that are passed on from generation to generation. Šokol Festival in Nin is precisely that kind of an event, equally enjoyed by the locals and the tourists.   

Diving in Zaton and Vicinity


Numerous historical sights and wonderful nature are well known features of the Croatian seaside. Interesting places to see aren’t only available on land, though - the underwater world also hides many hidden gems just waiting to be discovered. Ranging from sunken ships to caves, walls and reefs embellished with diverse and wonderful species of flora and fauna, divers can explore various amazing spots along the coast and some of the best ones are quite near Zaton.