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Choose Apartment over Hotel in Zadar Region


From the very moment some people start planning their holiday, they already know the kind of accommodation they will look for. It’s a question of habit just as much as a preference based on previous experience. Naturally, changed circumstances such as a new member in the family, a pet or travelling in larger groups than usual are an important factor when opting either for an apartment or a hotel. In Zadar region there is a lot to choose from for both types of holiday accommodation, so here are a few points to bear in mind when making the decision.

Little Known Facts and Curiosities about Zadar


St Donatus’ Church, remains of the Roman Forum, and, more recently, modern attractions such as Greetings to the Sun and Sea Organ are true emblems of Zadar. These have become must-experience places in the city, the ones even a chance visitor will take the time to see. However, Zadar is so much more than a heap of attractions - it’s a lively city, full of stories and legends. Here are a few ‘did-you-knows’ about Zadar that paint a more complete picture about the city:

Arriving to Zaton by Plane or Car


Zaton - a point quite close to Zadar on the map of Dalmatia, an excellent place for even better holiday, a desired destination guests want to reach as conveniently as possible. Luckily, Zaton is easily accessed by road or air, and the preferred way of travel is a matter of personal choice. To facilitate decision-making, here are a few advantages and disadvantages of travelling by car or plane.    

Horseback Riding in and out of Zaton


The sun has just awoken and risen to rule the clear blue sky. Light breeze paired with morning freshness sets the perfect scene for a ride along the beach. That’s right, not a stroll, but a ride on horseback. It’s a very romantic holiday image and absolutely available for anyone at Zaton Holiday Resort. Curious to try it out? A more experienced equestrian looking for a bit of a challenge while discovering the beautiful scenery? Everyone can learn to ride a horse, improve their skills or simply use them for excellent and pleasant exercise.