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Healing Mud in Nin


A sight of a person entirely covered in mud may make somebody laugh, scare or put them off, or simply make them do the same, but it’s a pretty common sight near Queen’s Beach in Nin. Whether the mud is used for fun or for health purposes, one’s for sure - its healing properties have been well known for centuries.

Hiking in National Park Paklenica


A bit of activity always adds a different dimension to a holiday - whether it’s an adrenaline-filled adventure or simply a memorable walk in the park, it rounds up the overall holiday experience. National Park Paklenica is one of Croatia’s favourite wonders of nature quite close to the seaside and excellent site for visitors who want to actively explore beautiful nature.

Pet-friendly accommodation in Dalmatia

What is a ‘pet’? An animal looked upon as a friend, companion, guard, at least by its owner. Simple illustration that says it all - pets are never referred to as ‘it’ by its owners, but rather ‘he’ or ‘she’ depending on their gender. Because they really are a member of the family they live with and as such it becomes increasingly difficult not to take them along on holiday.

Events in Zadar Region in September


Summer is slowly heading towards the ‘exit’ door, but September has its charms since it represents equally great time for holiday - the weather is still nice, the sea warm enough for a swim, it’s usually less crowded, so sightseeing becomes easier and exciting events don’t cease to happen in the entire Zadar region - from sports and music to events showcasing local culture and traditions.