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Ecology in Zaton Holiday Resort


Refreshing scent of the pine trees and rosemary, lovely purple colour of lavender or forever healing immortelle - these are more than just several features of a well-tended garden. They are excellent representatives of Dalmatian vegetation and caring for them reflects respect and love of nature and the will to preserve it for future generations. Ecology has become a very important part of hospitality - it does not only invite visitors to come and enjoy the clean environment, but also to encourage them to participate in its preservation. 

Discover Zrmanja River


Why consider a river while staying at the seaside? Simply because Zrmanja is worth it. With breathtaking scenery and refreshing water, a trip to Zrmanja river can be an excellent choice for the whole family and adventure seekers, who get to complete their holiday with unforgettable moments.

Summer Events in Zadar 2015


Zadar is a vibrant modern city where there’s always something going on. Still, during the summer the city becomes as busy as ever, not only because there is an evident increase of people coming to visit who fill its street with an exciting vibe of summer ease. After all, holiday makers are generally relaxed people curious about their destination and customs of their hosts, and interested in attending a variety of events - be it sports, tradition and customs, or music and entertainment in general. 

Must-See Cities in Dalmatia


Rich cultural-historical heritage as evidenced by several landmarks on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list, breathtaking sea and nature along the highly indented coast, one of the healthiest cuisines worldwide, open and friendly people - to name but a few assets of Dalmatia, one the most popular regions in Croatia. The following cities are the heart and soul of northern and southern Dalmatia, each very special in its own way.