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Approaching Season Opening 2019 at Zaton Holiday Resort

Feeling excited as the day to set a holiday in motion approaches? Thinking about ways in which a stay at Zaton Holiday Resort can be the best ever? Wondering about what to expect this year?


Restaurant Guide to Zaton Holiday Resort

Want to have an authentic fine-dining experience on holiday? Would you like to know where to grab a quick bite to eat while on the beach? Looking for a place with the most fabulous summer treats? Zaton Holiday Resort has got you covered and offers you a selection of restaurants to choose from according to your preferences:



Find Your Adventure in Zadar Region

Get ready for an adrenaline rush in Zadar region! A number of exciting activities await you at every turn, so add a touch of adventure to your holiday and experience exhilarating moments to remember. Here is a selection of activities to choose from for the ultimate rush of fun:



Remains of the Times Long Past in Zadar Region

Follow the traces of history in Zadar region and discover fascinating facts and stories about life as it once was in this area! Inhabited for more than several millennia, the region has a variety of amazing locations, remains of the past, just waiting for you to explore them. So, travel back in time at the following sights: