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Top Experiences in Wider Zadar Region

Make it inspirational, unforgettable, make it unique! Spice up your holiday in wider Zadar region by opting for special experiences available only there:



Dining in Zadar According to Michelin Guide

A brilliant dinner under the stars in Zadar… who could resist an opportunity like that when in Dalmatia? So, follow the trail of Michelin for an exceptional dining experience in Dalmatia your sense of taste will never forget. Two restaurants in Zadar have been recognized for their excellence by the Michelin restaurants guide and here’s how and why:



Why Spending a Holiday in Nature in Dalmatia is Good for You

Return to nature with a trip to Dalmatia! Get away from the busy streets of your town, from the stressful to-do lists and stop for a moment to recharge. Find your way back to nature and do so in Dalmatia for all the right reasons:



5 Things You Simply Must Do in Zadar Region in 2019

Be active, be adventurous, be breezy, be curious, be relaxed… on your holiday in 2019! Zadar region is the perfect place to be all that and more. So, check out the overview of options that await you in this excellent holiday destination and make sure you have an exciting time: