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Bet You Didn’t Know About Zadar

Are you planning your first-time trip to Zadar? Have you visited it so many times already you consider yourself an expert on the vibrant city? Either way, you must be curious to find out less known facts about it and its attractions for a new or renewed perspective:



Travel Tips for Mid and Late Summer in Zadar Region

Zadar region here I come! Discover your very own way to travel the area in mid and late summer and make the most of your stay at Zaton Holiday Resort. Here are a few tips to bear in mind for a memorable holiday experience:



See You at Zaton Fest 2019!

Are you ready to roll? Ready to have fun? Ready for Zaton Fest 2019? The summer of 2019 peaks at Zaton Holiday Resort with seven days of sheer joy and entertainment. Here is a taste of great fun awaiting you every single day from August 12 to 18 at Zaton Fest:



Finding the Best Accommodation for Your Holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort

A homelike apartment with modern luxuries of a hotel. A cosy mobile home perfectly blended in Mediterranean scenery. A glamping tent for comfortable camping with a unique flair.