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It's the Season of Dalmatia's Favourite Fruits of Nature

It’s harvest time in Dalmatia! Autumn is the season when nature presents its fruits and the result of hard work invested in the months leading up to that moment. So, get to know more about the role figs, olives and grapes play in Dalmatian culture and enjoy them ripe as they come into season:



Top 7 reasons why a holiday in Zaton is great for your health

You just love the beach and the sea. You may also feel like breaking away from your routine for a while. Perhaps you also wish to dedicate some time to getting in shape. You might have a million and one reasons to spend your holiday in Zaton, but one goes with them all - simply because it’s good for you!



Get Ready for a Sporty September in Zaton

No need to be the fastest, jump the highest nor be the strongest - all you need is some goodwill! Just say ‘yes’ to being active, ‘yes’ to teaming up for some fun, say ‘yes’ to sports games in Zaton. Sporty September, organized by Zaton Holiday Resort in the first week of the month, is your invitation to use great weather and re-energize outdoors before autumn sets in.



Have a September Break in Zadar Region

It’s never too late for feel-good moments shared with your favourite people! If you are looking for an opportunity for a romantic getaway, now is the time. If you’re not bound by the upcoming school year, it’s the right time. If you want to grab some final summer sun rays before the autumn comes knocking, just make your September break happen in Zadar region!