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Travel Hacks and Essentials for Your Holiday in Zadar Region

Dear holidaymaker, Zadar region is all set to welcome you to an exciting, relaxing and memorable holiday! So, how ready are you? Have you been ticking the items off your to-do list? Or will you go with the flow, knowing that a lot can be arranged on the spot? Still, check out a few useful tips for just in case:



Exploring Zadar Region by Land, Sea and Air

Get to know Zadar region in all its glory from all angles! Go up high for a bird’s eye view, set sail to appreciate the stunning coast and be active in your journey of discovery ashore. There are a number of exciting ways to experience all that makes the region one of the most popular destinations in Croatia and wider, so check out the following suggestions:



Why the Seaside in Northern Dalmatia is the Key to Your Feel-Good Holiday

Aaaaah, ain’t life just fabulous as you’re lying on the beach listening to the sound of waves rushing to the shore? Life truly is great by the sea and absolutely fantastic at the seaside in northern Dalmatia for more reasons than just a pretty Insta-worthy picture. This is how it works:



7 Ways to Fully Relax on Holiday in Northern Dalmatia in 2019

It’s time - time to nap, disconnect, time to only do the things that please you and bring you joy. It’s time for pure relaxation on holiday! Here are a few ways in which you can have the ultimate rest in northern Dalmatia: