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Time for a break? Take it at Zaton Holiday Resort in spring 2021

Stop & smile… ‘cause spring is here! Feel like you could use a change of scenery and spend some time in a beautiful setting by the sea ? Wish to take a break from everyday routine, noise and rush? Want to relax and load new energy while spending quality moments with your favorite people? So, take your well-deserved time off and plan a getaway to your blooming retreat - Zaton Holiday Resort in Zadar region!



Guide to national parks in wider Zadar region: Plitvice Lakes

Rumbling waterfalls and cascades, turquoise lakes and lush greenery all around… The stunning beauty of Croatia’s oldest, largest and most popular national park will take your breath away. Plitvice Lakes were declared a national park in 1949 and they are also listed as a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site. Apart from the extraordinary lakes, waterfalls and cascades, the park has also been protected for its rich flora and fauna.



Have a safe stay at Zaton Holiday Resort in 2021

Feel the call of the sea, sun and beautiful nature? Wish to take a break from your daily routine and find the perfect escape in a place where you can greatly enjoy your time in a safe environment? Zaton Holiday Resort complies with COVID-19 prevention and control recommendations and implements measures to make sure you have a safe, healthy and memorable holiday in Zadar region.



Feel at home ... at Zaton Holiday Resort

It’s where you are deeply relaxed. It’s where you do things your way. It’s your safe haven where you can enjoy lovely moments with your family, friends and pets. It’s your perfect home on holiday - Zaton Holiday Resort!