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7 Reasons Why You Should (Re-)Visit Zadar Region in 2019

Visit Zadar region once and you’re a fan for life! Just to remind you why it is such a great holiday destination, here are a few reasons why you should consider another visit in 2019:



So Which Croatian Expressions Have You Learnt on Your Holiday in Zaton

A truly unique souvenir or a memory that never grows old, that’s what a few words of Croatian you learnt on a holiday in Zaton represent. Maybe they were perfect introductions to new friendships, maybe you just found them fun, or simply useful. You also may find the language surprisingly easy or tongue-twisting and difficult, but a few words of Croatian surely have given your holiday interesting new elements.



Remembering the Best #ZatonMoments of 2018

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about your holiday in Zaton this year? Is it the refreshing scent of pine trees and the sea in the air, as you took a deep breath upon arrival? Is it the laughter of your children as they got splashed by a gigantic bucket at the pool? Or is it being a part of the fun #ZatonMoments?



Top 7 Reasons Why Parents Love a Holiday in Zaton

What makes a holiday an exciting experience for the whole family? The answer is simple - keeping every member of a family happy and entertained. While it is quite clear why kids love Zaton Holiday Resort with its friendly mascot Zatonino, great pools and the beach, fun activities, sports and playgrounds, what’s in it for the parents? Here are a few reasons why they love it, too: