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We Don't Mean to Brag, but... the Best of Zaton Holiday Resort

I’m having the time of my life! That’s the line that should go with every holiday you take. So, how can you make it happen? By spending it at the place that ticks all the boxes that matter to you and the people you share wonderful moments with. Zaton Holiday Resort certainly is such a place and here’s why:



Think You've Seen it All? Tips for Returning Guests to Northern Dalmatia

Fallen in love with Zadar (region) and can’t wait to get back? Well, it has quite a number of attractive features ready for you to discover and enjoy with that sense of thrill you felt upon your first arrival. Take a look at a few suggestions on the basis of your previous experience:



Farewell to Season 2019 ... See You Next Year!

As we start to pack away our summer clothes, swimwear and beach towels, it is hard not to think about all the lovely moments that happened at Zaton Holiday Resort in season 2019. And what a season it has been! Before we look at the year to come with the hope of seeing each other again, we take a nostalgic look at some of the best moments and experiences this season has seen:



It's the Season of Dalmatia's Favourite Fruits of Nature

It’s harvest time in Dalmatia! Autumn is the season when nature presents its fruits and the result of hard work invested in the months leading up to that moment. So, get to know more about the role figs, olives and grapes play in Dalmatian culture and enjoy them ripe as they come into season: