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Daytime and Evening Entertainment Program in 2021 at Zaton Holiday Resort

Get ready because never-ending fun has just started at Zaton Holiday Resort! And it’s here to stay all season 2021 long. Every single day. From morning till evening there is a selection of activities every member of your family can choose from and enjoy. So, take up a new hobby, acquire a new skill and just live it up on your holiday in Zaton:


Top Activities for all Generations at Zaton Holiday Resort

Endless fun for everyone! Keeping busy at Zaton Holiday Resort is quite simple, yet fulfilling. Not only do we offer a wonderful beach and exceptional swimming pool complex, but there are also sports and leisure facilities as well as a rich entertainment programme. From toddlers to senior family members, all generations can get their share of good times.


Guide to national parks in wider Zadar region: Northern Velebit

Get to the top of Velebit! As a personal challenge, for phenomenal views, to recharge in pristine nature… Simply because it’s worth it! A national park since 1999, it represents a natural border between continental and Mediterranean Croatia. It also forms part of a cross-border property listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its beech forests since 2017.



Time for a break? Take it at Zaton Holiday Resort in spring 2021

Stop & smile… ‘cause spring is here! Feel like you could use a change of scenery and spend some time in a beautiful setting by the sea ? Wish to take a break from everyday routine, noise and rush? Want to relax and load new energy while spending quality moments with your favorite people? So, take your well-deserved time off and plan a getaway to your blooming retreat - Zaton Holiday Resort in Zadar region!