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Discover Fun in Zaton


Fun - the icing on the cake of a dream holiday. A holiday gives people an opportunity to escape from the gloomy, serious and stressful challenges of a busy modern life - it's the necessary time-out, it's the time to enjoy without having to worry about what comes tomorrow. While the essential 3 S's (sea-sand-sun) bring a smile to everyone's face, they are no longer enough for a traveller seeking unique experience. It's the entertainment that will give them a holiday to remember, the one they won't be able to stop talking about.

Active Holiday in Zaton


A wise man once said 'mens sana in corpore sano' (a healthy mind in a healthy body). A holiday is the perfect time to use the opportunity to dedicate more time and attention to one's body and, by extension, the mind. For some, this means relaxing on the beach with an occasional swim while others will look for ways to be even more active. In fact, increasingly more visitors to Dalmatia search for an all-encompassing holiday, the one that gives them the opportunity to rest the body and mind along with being active.

Nature and Beaches in Zaton and Vicinity


The sea is just a few steps away, the sun and refreshing breeze caressing the skin, above one only the pine trees which emit a specific scent... The lungs are filled with air, the heart is full of joy and the head is clear of all worries like the cloudless sky above. It's a picture of perfect holiday on the beach.


Dalmatian cuisine - health on the plate


There are three words to describe the magic of the Dalmatian cuisine and they are: fish, wine and olive oil. To be exact, these three sources of human health in cuisine and on the plate are combined with continental nourishment. Typical cuisine of this coastal region is listed high in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List.