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Feel at home ... at Zaton Holiday Resort

It’s where you are deeply relaxed. It’s where you do things your way. It’s your safe haven where you can enjoy lovely moments with your family, friends and pets. It’s your perfect home on holiday - Zaton Holiday Resort!



Guide to National Parks in Wider Zadar Region: Kornati Islands

Shining bright in the clear blue Adriatic Sea! Kornati islands were declared a national park in 1980 due to their stunning beauty, fascinating geomorphological shapes and rich marine ecosystem.



5 things that make Zaton Holiday Resort special

What’s the magic recipe for a memorable holiday? A group of your favourite people, a spell of great weather, all set in a very special place.



Guide to National Parks in Wider Zadar Region: Krka

Fascinating force of water rumbling down travertine waterfalls in the midst of beautiful surroundings… Stand in awe before nature’s creation in Krka National Park, a stunning area surrounding the Krka river which was declared a national park in 1985.