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Zadar (Region) in September 2022

Enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy the favourable weather, enjoy the Zadar region in September! The buzz of the summer may be slowing down, but the timing is excellent to welcome the arrival of autumn with a few memorable moments - in the city of Zadar, Nin, islands and hinterland, and Zaton Holiday Resort.


What's your favorite sea activity at Zaton Holiday Resort?

Swim, snorkel, surf, simply splash in the sea! After all, it is widely known that vitamin ‘sea’ is good for you. The only question is what’s your favorite way of enjoying it? Apart from amazing natural conditions, Zaton Holiday Resort offers you a wealth of options for unforgettable moments at sea.


Sports Fun at Sporty September 2022 at Zaton Holiday Resort

High five! For being active. For having fun! And for those five days at the beginning of September at Zaton Holiday Resort. It’s not about trophies, it’s not about winning, but it is about joining in for some action on holiday. You may be an active participant, you may simply cheer on those who take part, but positivity and good times are guaranteed.


Pool and beach at Zaton Holiday Resort

What is your favourite summer image? Splashing in the water and sipping refreshment under a sun umbrella at the pools? Or having fun in the shallows and lounging in the shade listening to waves washing the shore? Regardless of your choice, at Zaton Holiday Resort there is no need to pick one or the other. Simply because you cannot go wrong with either.