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Plan an enjoyable stay with friends, partner or your team in Zaton Holiday Resort

Travelling with your partner, friends or your team? At Zaton Holiday Resort you can have it all! Situated in a beautiful cove in northern Dalmatia, the resort offers you a perfect place for a timeout from your work or home routine and a fun-filled holiday. So, whether you are looking for an active spring break, a romantic getaway or just need a Zaton break, we’ve got you covered.

Happily busy on a family holiday in Zadar region

A beach? Check. Swimming pools? Check. Fun activities? Check. But that’s not nearly all. Zaton Holiday Resort together with the Zadar region can be one massive playground for your children and family on the whole. All you have to do is pick your activities and have a field day!

Enjoying an active holiday in spring 2023 in Zadar Region

It’s time to… spring into action! Re-energize and be active in beautiful surroundings, witnessing the beauty of this season in the Zadar region. From Zaton Holiday Resort to fascinating places of interest, there are a number of ways you can enjoy an active holiday in the region.

Easter traditions in Dalmatia

Feeling that special egg-citement ? It’s Easter time, bringing us hope, the sense of renewal and togetherness. Traditionally observed with families gathering for some quality time, Easter celebrates new life just as we are witnessing the awakening of nature in spring.