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Guide to National Parks in Wider Zadar Region: Krka

Fascinating force of water rumbling down travertine waterfalls in the midst of beautiful surroundings… Stand in awe before nature’s creation in Krka National Park, a stunning area surrounding the Krka river which was declared a national park in 1985.



Wishing you good health ...and a sea of #ZatonMoments in 2021!

Feeling ready to reset and restart? As the final days of the challenging year 2020 approach, the moment has come to count our blessings and turn to a future hopefully filled with bright and shiny moments. May there be irresistible #ZatonMoments among them and may 2021 be filled with…



Guide to National Parks in Wider Zadar Region: Paklenica

The majestic mountain in perfect contrast to the mesmerising blue sea… Let such an amazing picture take your breath away by visiting Paklenica National Park in Zadar region!



A Decade of Achievements and Amazing #ZatonMoments

It’s been a decade of fun, excitement and endless joyous moments. It’s been a decade of amazing new developments at the resort, all of them for you.