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Did you know... Top cultural sights in Zadar region and how they came into being

The old and the new… intertwined together into a story about the Zadar (region). Looking at lists of top cultural sights, you get an insight into the turmoils of the past and a better understanding of why the area has always held a special appeal.


Wishing you ... a sea of great moments this Christmas and in 2023

It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Moments to wrap up the Christmas presents for our loved ones, time to wrap up the year… So, make a selection of amazing moments and place them in your storybook of 2022. And then get ready to turn a new leaf of a new book 2023, and may it be the one to remember!


Your festive holiday table with a touch of Zadar region

Don’t you just love the joy of the holiday season? Taking out the decorations and lights with carols and popular Christmas melodies playing in the background. Thinking about presents and how to bring out the smiles on the faces of your loved ones. Getting ready for gatherings with friends and family, laughing together, sharing delicious food and treats. Why not also add a touch of Zadar region to your amazing moments? It may be in the form of a lovely meal, a treat or a very special toast.


Just the right kind of holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort in 2023

Who are you going to take with you on holiday in 2023? And what kind of a holiday are you dreaming about? Let Zaton Holiday Resort assist you in making your vision happen in the beautiful Zadar region, let it work its magic and create a unique feel for you. Just what you hope for.