Active Holiday in Zaton


A wise man once said 'mens sana in corpore sano' (a healthy mind in a healthy body). A holiday is the perfect time to use the opportunity to dedicate more time and attention to one's body and, by extension, the mind. For some, this means relaxing on the beach with an occasional swim while others will look for ways to be even more active. In fact, increasingly more visitors to Dalmatia search for an all-encompassing holiday, the one that gives them the opportunity to rest the body and mind along with being active.

Zaton Holiday Resort strives to ensure that the wishes of any visitor are met and, accordingly, there are numerous activities available for anyone to pursue their favourite pastimes.


Water fun

Swimming is an excellent workout and the best possible means of refreshment during the summer heat. If paired with snorkelling or pedalling, it gets yet another entertaining dimension. Pedal boats, particularly the ones with a slide, are excellent for the entire family to have a great (splashing) time together. The banana boat is another fun ride the whole family can participate in. For a rush of adrenaline, there's nothing better than jet or water skiing. Those who prefer to stick to the shore can try out picigin, a game, invented in Croatia, played with a small ball in the shallow water.


Ball games

Apart from picigin, many other kinds of ball sports can be played in Zaton Holiday Resort thanks to its numerous sporting facilities. Whether it's a carefree game of miniature golf or an actual training practice in any sport, both the whole family and its each individual member can pursue or take up a new hobby ranging from (table) tennis to volleyball, basketball, handball and football.


Getting a ride

Exploring the area, its lovely nature, is so much better when combined with an activity. Two of the very popular ways to discover Zaton and its vicinity include horseback riding and cycling. The former is available for all age groups, from short pony rides for smaller children to organized cross-country riding for more advanced equestrians. Inexperienced riders can build up their confidence by taking a few riding lessons beforehand. Cycling is becoming more and more popular holiday pastime accompanied by an increasing number of cycling holiday packages, such as island hopping. People who prefer to stay in one place with an occasional cycling trip can choose from many options ranging from routes for the entire family to mountain bike trails. Starting in Zaton, attractive routes can take cyclists to historical cities of Zadar and Nin, the island of Vir and islet of Zečevo.


Be active

The fast pace of life and lack of spare time may prevent people from being active. Once on holiday, there's no excuse but to take up an activity and enjoy its positive effect not only on the body but also on the feeling of satisfaction that goes along with being active. Apart from feeling happy in one own's skin, actively exploring the area is an excellent form of bonding with one's family and friends or of finding fulfillment if undertaken solo. In a nutshell, be active, be happy.