Top views & lookouts in Zadar region

View from the Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral

Peace, fulfillment & inspiration… That’s what you are bound to feel as you reach top lookouts and take in the most amazing views Zadar region can offer. After all, you will get to admire the shiny blue sea with islands, Mediterranean scenery, mountains and more. So, here is a selection of viewpoints well worth considering for very special holiday moments:


The peaks at Paklenica National Park

Up, up, up you go! Hiking in Paklenica National Park is a highly-rewarding activity, because spending time in beautiful natural surroundings is bound to awaken positive emotions. Especially when you reach the top. For example, you can follow the light Paklarić trail offering sea views, or go on a more challenging hike to peaks such as Vaganski vrh (1757m), Sveto brdo (1751 m) and, especially, Liburnija (1709 m) for spectacular views of the mountain and the sea with the islands of Zadar archipelago.


Kamenjak at Vrana Lake Nature Park



Kamenjak lookout, Vrana Lake

Magnificent lake, mesmerizing sea with endless islands and typical Dalmatian dry-stone walls and olive groves - all in one! While the altitude of the Kamenjak lookout (283 m) is not even close to mountain peaks in Paklenica NP, the view and the ambiance take your breath away. In addition, there is an info centre on the spot built in a traditional style and the area is adapted for strollers & wheelchairs. Dogs on a leash are allowed as well.


Views of Zadar

Just a bit under 200 steps lead all the way to the top of the best lookout in Zadar! The Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral indeed is worth scaling, as you get to appreciate the city skyline. You can see the entire historical peninsula, the outskirts as well as the sea. The current ticket price is €3.


In order to grasp the city in its entirety laid out on the coast, you can also hop to the island of Ugljan and hike to the top of the hill at the altitude of 265m. Namely, the remains of St Michael’s fort are a great 360° viewpoint. Apart from Zadar, you can appreciate the view of the Zadar archipelago as well as the Kornati islands.


Zrmanja river & canyon



View of the Zrmanja river and canyon

Pure peace & quiet awaits you, as you are taking in the stunning scenery of the Zrmanja river swerving through its canyon. Pariževačka glavica viewpoint, not far from Obrovac, can be reached on foot from a nearby parking area. It is also a favourite stop for an amazing photo for cyclists riding their bike along the Zrmanja trails.


Cherry on top … Ventula Restaurant & Lounge at Zaton Holiday Resort

Summer refreshments and neatly sliced fruit enjoyed in the gazebo on the rooftop… The new Ventula Restaurant & Lounge at Zaton Holiday Resort offers a unique experience, indeed. The newly introduced facility at the central beach is not only the perfect place for gastronomic delights at the ground level, but also offers wonderful views of the sea from the rooftop. So, envisage lounging by the pool completely relaxed in a stress-free environment with nothing but the sea before your eyes… It’s the ultimate holiday dream (and view)!