Ventula Restaurant & Lounge at Zaton Holiday Resort

Ventula Restaurant & Lounge at Zaton Holiday Resort

Spice up your holiday with new gourmet thrills and great times at the shiny new complex right on the beach! Namely, Zaton Holiday Resort proudly presents its impressive addition as of summer 2023 - Ventula Restaurant & Lounge:


Ventula experiences

Just like a hand fan provides a welcome airflow on a hot summer day, so is Ventula the place to catch your breath justifying the choice of its name. Namely, the word ventula is used in Dalmatia to signify a hand fan, and by extension it symbolizes a wide variety of options. And that’s precisely what you get right in the very centre of the beach at Zaton Holiday Resort.


So, take a break from summer pastimes and savour moments of pure enjoyment. Be it over a delicious meal, smooth cocktail or irresistible desserts. Or simply lounging by the pool with the view of the mesmerizing sea.


Ventula Restaurant

Delight in the rich flavours in the beautiful ambiance by the sea! The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist with the menu featuring juicy steaks and burgers, appetizing grilled dishes, lovely pasta and pizza, as well as a choice of salads. Prepared with seasonal, locally sourced ingredients, the food is a real treat especially with that magical view. So, find your perfect spot on an outdoor terrace or in the elegant interior with an airy feel, and just take your time. Time to savor every bite of your lunch and dinner, without any haste.



Outdoor terrace at the Ventula Restaurant, Zaton Holiday Resort

Ventula Gelato & Sweets

Care for a treat? Then dig into the world of Ventula sweet delights! Namely, the dessert menu features yummy delicacies with homemade cakes and Italian ice cream as highlights. So, sweeten your stay on the beach with a scoop or three of great gelato and amazing treats!


Ventula Lounge

Go to the top for those top summer moments! The upper level of the new complex is a great spot to put the Dalmatian lifestyle of enjoying the present into practice. There is an extensive sundeck with gazebos for a sense of privacy as well as sunbeds, where you can lounge free of care. Then, when you feel like you could use a refreshment, you hop into one of the two pools, indulge in fresh-cut fruit, and order your favourite summer drink from the bar.



Ventula Lounge with a sea view, Zaton Holiday Resort

The rooftop lounge has been envisaged as an oasis of peace and relaxation for guests over the age of 16, and you can book your spot at the entrance to the Ventula complex. It’s your perfect place to take a break from the buzzing summer activities, to rest & unwind. And all with the breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea.


Keep up the Ventula state of mind

Just sit back and seize the day! Wonderfully set in the Mediterranean beach environment, Ventula Restaurant & Lounge provides you with the ideal spot to relax, delight in great food and simply appreciate the pure pleasures in life. And as such, it represents a shiny new happy place at Zaton Holiday Resort, you won’t be able to get enough of!