Top sights in the Zadar hinterland

Zrmanja canyon at sunset, Zadar region

Mesmerizing blue sea and stunning islands. Vibrant city of Zadar, picturesque towns of Nin, Pag, Biograd na Moru and the like. Indeed, the northern Dalmatian coast is simply breathtaking and fascinating to explore. However, for a more complete vision of the entire region and its history, head inland and discover the hidden treasures of the Zadar hinterland.


Paklenica National Park

Explore the beauty of the natural attraction on the southern slopes of Velebit mountain! The national park is a true paradise for hikers and lovers of untouched nature, not to mention a top site for rock climbing in Croatia. Its main sights are Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons, Manita peć cave, Visitor Centre 'Underground Secrets of Paklenica’, and educational trails.


Distance from Zaton Holiday Resort: 52 km


The Zrmanja

Experience the magic of the Zrmanja river and its tributary Krupa! A particular favourite for fans of active holiday, the river attracts rafting enthusiasts till mid May and after mid September. During the summer months it is mostly enjoyed in a kayak, SUP or a boat. In addition to the exceptional beauty of the river canyon, don’t miss the legendary Kuda Bridge across the Krupa near the village of Golubić, the 18th century Krupa monastery, and the 19th century stone bridge in Žegar.


Distance from Zaton Holiday Resort to Kaštel Žegarski: 73 km


Obrovac & Novigrad

Want to enjoy the sight of the lovely river and see a few cultural-historical sights? Then head to Obrovac and Novigrad!



View of Novigrad on the Zrmanja river, Zadar region


Owing its name to the Roman fort Castrum Novum, Novigrad has, in fact, been inhabited since the Bronze Age. The remains of the fort on top of a hill are the main attraction affording magnificent views of the river. The medieval core of the town with its narrow cobbled streets also has a special charm.


The picturesque town of Obrovac has a unique appeal as well. Divided in half by the Zrmanja, the town also has a great lookout on top of a cliff with the Fort Kurjaković, its most distinctive feature. The area is famous for gourmet specialties, particularly lamb meat dishes.


Distance to Novigrad and Obrovac from Zaton Holiday Resort: 43 km and 54 km respectively.


Ravni kotari

Discover the sunny fields of Zadar hinterland! Walk or cycle the trails past vineyards, olive groves, marasca cherry orchards, many of which are enclosed by dry-stone walls (traditional Dalmatian fence). Ravni kotari is also the area where you can taste authentic locally grown wine such as Maraština and Crljenak.


Distance to Nadin area from Zaton Holiday Resort: 40 km



A great choice for a quick trip inland, the town of Benkovac stands right in the midst of Ravni kotari. It was named after the castle on a hillock built by the dukes of Benković in the 15th century. Cultural-historical heritage of the area also boasts attractive medieval Klićevica fort with a hiking trail as well as the remains of the pre-Roman hillfort settlement Asseria.


Distance from Zaton Holiday Resort to Benkovac: 48 km


Vrana Lake Nature Park

Actively explore Croatia’s largest lake and enjoy its preserved nature featuring ornithological reserve! Go cycling or kayaking, follow the trails or take a tourist train around the lake, and don’t miss the lookouts such as Kamenjak with fabulous views of the lake and the sea in the distance.



Courtyard in Maškovića han near Lake Vrana, Zadar region


Near the lake, use the opportunity to visit the village of Vrana with the remains of the medieval fortress Gradina as well as Maškovića han. The latter used to be the residence of a Turkish army commander in the 17th century.


Distance from Zaton Holiday Resort to Vrana Lake Nature Park: 56 km


Gems of Zadar hinterland

From beautiful nature to enchanting heritage, explore the attractions Zadar hinterland has to offer for a very special holiday experience.