Get to know our neighbours - places in the (immediate) vicinity of Zaton Holiday Resort

Zaton Holiday Resort and the village of Zaton

Zoom in northern Dalmatia, zoom in north of Zadar. That’s where you’ll find Zaton Holiday Resort. Situated in a sheltered bay, it not only has the perfect natural conditions for great holidays, but also amazing neighbours. So, learn more about the places in the vicinity, i.e. within the 15-kilometre radius from the resort.


Zaton, the village

Distance: 0 km, south of the resort

Zaton Holiday Resort owes its name to the immediate neighbour, the village of Zaton. Often mistaken for the resort, the history of the quiet village goes back centuries. In fact, the area including the resort was once known as the port of Aenona (today’s Nin) in Antiquity. Sights such as the remains of the early Christian Church of St Andrew and the defensive tower bear witness to its history. In between Zaton and Nin, there is also the charming Romanesque Church of Saint Nicholas on a hillock in the middle of the field Prahulje, where several Croatian kings are said to have been crowned.



Distance: 2 km, northeast of the resort, perfect for a walk or a bike ride, a tourist train from the resort is also available

Once an important seat of Croatian rulers, Nin plays a distinctive role in the books of early Croatian history. Today famous for its sandy beaches, preserved nature and historical heritage, Nin has also been listed among the most romantic European destinations. Must-see attractions include: the statues (Duke Branimir, Gregory of Nin), Church of the Holy Cross, remains of the Roman Temple, Museum of Nin Antiquities, Salt Museum.



Church of the Holy Cross, Nin


Distance: 7 km, northwest of the resort, great for a bike ride

The westernmost point on Dalmatian land is known for its legends, particularly involving the wells. Namely, the Sokolar well has even found its spot in the first Croatian novel Planine by Petar Zoranić. Its Cape Artić is also an amazing place for sunset spotting.



Distance: 7 km, northeast of the resort, great for a bike ride

The area of Vrsi is well-known for its numerous, beautifully diverse, beaches. You can discover sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches, for families with children and beach goers looking for some more privacy. One of the most famous options is the beach named Duboka draga, situated in a cove with a lovely view of Velebit.



Distance: 6 km, south of the resort, great for a bike ride

A charming village was mentioned back in the official documents of Croatian rulers centuries ago, which testifies to its history. Known for its maritime tradition, as well as for its olive oil and wine production, today it represents a great place for a gastronomic experience on your tour of the region. For example, Kraljevski vinogradi offers an amazing environment with a sea view, wine sampling paired with gastronomic specialties.



Distance: 14 km, south of the resort, reachable by car or an e-bike

The heart of the region is the bustling city of Zadar! It is especially known for its historical peninsula where the ancient and modern beautifully mash into a vibrant place with a special charm. A few of its most famous attractions include Kalelarga street and historical squares such as the Roman Forum, St Donatus’ Church and the Belltower next to it, UNESCO-listed defensive walls and gates, as well as modern installations Greetings to the Sun and the Sea Organ on the promenade.



Sea Organ on the promenade in Zadar

Neighbourly area

Friendliness, warm hospitality and great ambiance is what Zaton Holiday Resort is known for. The positive vibe goes beyond it, though. So, while staying at the resort, use the opportunity to take a walk or go for a bike ride and get to know our lovely neighbours.