Green travel guide to Zadar region

Beautiful well-preserved nature in the Zadar region

Mesmerizing blue, endless shades of green. Beautifully paired together in the Zadar region. Still, green is so much more than just a colour. It adds a special dimension to your holiday, one that is about responsible travel, and doing your share in keeping the destination magical, preserved and attractive to visitors.


Protected nature

Join us in our efforts to keep the lovely environment in the Zadar region unspoilt! Well known for its wonderfully diverse nature, 10% of the entire Zadar County area is protected, featuring:

  • National Park Paklenica
  • nature parks Telašćica and Vrana Lake
  • special reserves - ornithological reserves Kolanjsko blato-blato Rogoza and Veliko i Malo blato, forest reserve along the coastline Dubrava-Hanzina, all three on Pag island; botanical reserve olive grove Saljsko polje (Dugi otok island)
  • significant landscape: the Zrmanja canyon, northwestern part of Dugi otok island, coastline Dubrava Hanzina (Pag island), Ošljak island
  • natural monument: Modrič cave, source of the Una river, Green Oak (village Islam Latinski)
  • park architecture monument: Vladimir Nazor Park in Zadar, Folco Borelli Park (Sveti Filip i Jakov)


And that’s not all. Namely, as much as 1/3 of the Zadar County area is a part of the Natura 2000 eco network. This means that human activity is allowed as long as it does not disturb or have a negative impact on a particular habitat, plant or animal species. One such fine example is the area of Nin, well known for its protected biodiversity.



Eco network Natura 2000 in the Zadar region

What can you do?

Respect is the key word. Exploring the beauty of nature is an absolute must in the Zadar region, but make sure you follow the guidelines in protected areas. Just a few basic rules will tell you to follow the designated trails, not to leave any waste behind, not to approach or feed the wildlife, not to disturb the habitat in any way. For more precise details, you should consult the set of rules devised for the protected area you plan to visit.


Staying at an environmentally-friendly destination

Care about the environment? So does Zaton Holiday Resort. As evidenced by eco labels and certificates such as EcoCamping, Blue Flag and Green Key. Indeed, we are dedicated to preservation of nature, and we make continuous efforts to introduce new eco-friendly projects. In addition to our Nature We Grow With project, we also started a reforestation program named It Takes Time to Grow. They not only raise awareness about the wonderful animal and plant life in the Zadar region, but also inspire us to enjoy them responsibly.


Energy-efficiency is one of our proud green achievements as well. We use renewable resources, specifically 998 solar cells spanning over altogether 1900 m², as a major energy source for the purpose of heating water and electricity. In addition, we are constantly adding more e-vehicles used by our staff within the premises.


The resort also has a functional waste management system which aims to reduce the volume of waste. Camping fans can also be sure to easily dispose of waste water and re-fill the tanks with fresh water at the motor-caravan service station on the spot.


Green mode of transport

Experience the breathtaking nature by going green! Discover natural attractions by using environmentally-friendly modes of transport - on foot or by bike on land, in a kayak along the coast, down the river (e.g. Zrmanja) or across the lake (e.g. Vrana). If you also happen to be a proud owner of an electric vehicle, a charging station awaits you at Zaton Holiday Resort. There are also increasingly more stations introduced across the country for your carefree journey.



Charging station for electric vehicles at Zaton Holiday Resort

Local is green

Experiment with local cuisine! After all, not only is it the healthiest in the world, but it also happens to feature delicious dishes. Making that choice, you are also opting for quality locally-sourced ingredients and, by extension, support the local farmers.


Go green

Enjoy the beauty of the Zadar region and be a part of our efforts to preserve it! At Zaton Holiday Resort and beyond.