Zadar (Region) in September 2022

Cycling in Zadar region - Zrmanja river and canyon (Photo by Vedran Metelko; image source: Zadar Region)

Enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy the favourable weather, enjoy the Zadar region in September! The buzz of the summer may be slowing down, but the timing is excellent to welcome the arrival of autumn with a few memorable moments - in the city of Zadar, Nin, islands and hinterland, and Zaton Holiday Resort.


What’s so great about September?

No heat. No crowds. Just a perfect moment to take it easy. After all, the weather looks promising for the Zadar region in September 2022 - mostly sunny with just occasional clouds and temperatures around pleasant 20°. The temperature of the sea at Zaton Holiday Resort is expected to remain around 22-23°, which means it is still warm enough for a swim. In addition, the pools at the resort are heated.


Time to re-energize

Get ready for the cooler months ahead and recharge with sunshine and positive energy at Zaton Holiday Resort and wider. Make the most of great weather to explore nature & sights and be active outdoors.


Love spending time in nature? Then rest in the beautifully tended Mediterranean greenery at Zaton Holiday Resort and see natural attractions in the region. Set off on your sailing adventure around the islands of Zadar archipelago, including Kornati islands NP and Dugi otok island with Telašćica Nature Park. Go kayaking down the Zrmanja river or across Vrana Lake, which also happens to be an ornithological reserve. Birdwatching is also available in the protected area and saltworks in Nin. Needless to say, both Krka and Paklenica national parks offer lovely, inspirational moments in the changing nature at a less busy time of year.



Krka National Park in autumn

Curious about the cultural heritage in the region? Plan an afternoon walking tour in the historical centre of Zadar, along the defensive walls and gates, only to enjoy a spectacular sunset right by the Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun. Since the top season reached its peak in August, you can expect more comfortable sightseeing. Why not also learn something new about the old days by visiting the picturesque town of Nin, its sights such as the Church of the Holy Cross with the autumn play of lights? Also, don’t miss the saltworks since the traditional way of salt harvesting is about to finish in early autumn.


Keep it moving while the conditions are still great! Make the most of all that Zaton Holiday Resort has to offer. Swim in the sea and the pools. Run along the beach at sunrise or sunset. Rent a bike and have a cycling adventure. Do a workout out in the open along the trim track or at the outdoor gym. Practice your tennis or golf moves, and play popular team sports. Take up new fun activities at the Flip Flop Activity Park. The excellent sports facilities at the resort allow you to keep fit in a perfect environment and climate. Whether you are an experienced athlete or simply like to be active in any form, the resort provides you with the means to enjoy your sport.



Golf practice at the golf range, Zaton Holiday Resort

What’s on in September?

The calendar may no longer be as busy, but there are still exciting events happening. For example, you can delight in juicy meals during the Zadar Street Food Festival (September 23 - October 2). Also, the island of Ugljan hosts various sporting competitions such as the Olive Island Trail, SUP and kayak race as well as speed climbing as a part of the Zadar Outdoor Festival (September 24-25).


A break or more

Even a weekend getaway will do. Namely, Zaton Holiday Resort and Zadar region invite you to a relaxing stay to bid farewell to the summer of 2022 and welcome the arrival of colorful autumn. And to experience its magic by the sea.