What's your favorite sea activity at Zaton Holiday Resort?

Water fun in the sea at Zaton Holiday Resort

Swim, snorkel, surf, simply splash in the sea! After all, it is widely known that vitamin ‘sea’ is good for you. The only question is what’s your favorite way of enjoying it? Apart from amazing natural conditions, Zaton Holiday Resort offers you a wealth of options for unforgettable moments at sea.


Just swim

Early in the morning with hardly anyone around. Late in the evening as the setting sun colors the evening sky. Alone, with a friend or family. Cover a longer distance or use it as a light form of exercise. It may seem like the most obvious sea activity, but it truly is good for you.


Dive beneath the surface

Snorkel & dive! Put on your snorkeling gear and go on a quest with your kids - chasing a school of fish, looking for the perfect shell, admiring the world below the sea surface. If you are a fan of scuba diving, you are at the right place at Zaton Holiday Resort. Not only can you rent the necessary gear, but you can explore exciting diving sites in the Zadar archipelago. Just note that scuba diving requires a certain level of training and can be done by teens and adults.



Snorkeling at sunset, Zaton Holiday Resort

Water workouts & fun

Ready for some exercise in the sea? Aqua aerobic is not only a great workout for your whole body, but it is also an instant mood booster. Also, give the Dalmatian ball game called picigin a try. The traditional game listed as Croatian cultural heritage can be enjoyed by everyone and is usually played in the shallows. The point is to keep hitting the ball with the palm of the hand, without letting it drop in the water.


Conquer the water park

Climb, bounce, jump, slide, cross…and more. The inflatable water park provides your kids with a challenge they will immensely enjoy. It is located in the western part of the beach at the resort.



Work on your balance by stand up paddling (SUP) and windsurfing! Zaton Holiday Resort is an excellent spot to take up the popular sea activities and further hone your skills. Apart from renting equipment for SUP, windsurfing and catamaran sailing, short term instructions are available as well.



SUP, popular sea activity, at Zaton Holiday Resort

Paddling away

Put your muscles in motion! Hop in a kayak with family and friends, and paddle along the coast. Or go on a fun ride with a paddle slide. Just don’t forget to take a moment to appreciate the lovely view of the resort and the coast.


Boating excursions

Explore the magical scenery of the islands in the Zadar archipelago! Zaton Holiday Resort offers moorings for smaller and medium-sized boats allowing boating enthusiasts to include sailing adventure to their list of memorable holiday experiences. You can also rent a boat on the spot as well as opt for an excursion to the islands of Silba and Dugi otok directly from the resort.


Feel the adrenalin…

Get the ultimate rush! See the resort, the sea, islands and the coast from above by opting for parasailing. Enjoy the speed while water- or jet skiing. And share fun adrenalin moments with your favorite people by taking a banana boat or a tube ride.



Parasailing thrill at Zaton Holiday Resort

Or just float…

Water fun doesn’t have to be full of action. Maybe you prefer to grab your floatie, be it a flamingo, donut or watermelon-shaped, and just relax letting the sunshine caress your skin, while the sea keeps gently swaying your inflatable.


Zaton Holiday Resort - top place for water fun

As its name suggests (Cro. zaton - cove), the resort has excellent natural conditions for the ultimate enjoyment in the sea. It is sheltered from strong winds and huge waves, and it has a wide stretch of shallow water, allowing you to easily pursue your favorite water pastimes. So, enjoy all the resort has to offer and… make a splash!