Nin - discovering the charm of the ancient Dalmatian town

The charming town of Nin, Zadar region

Picturesque little town north of Zadar… with a treasure chest of legends and stories! Nin may have lost the royal status it had in the past, but it still offers unique and magnificent experiences.


The town of around 2000 inhabitants has had a prominent role in Croatian history. Namely, apart from being one of the oldest settlements, it used to be the royal seat of early Croatian dukes and kings.


Light stroll to Nin

From the ancient port of Nin to the town itself! The present-day Zaton Holiday Resort stands where once Aenona, as Nin used to be called, had its port. Therefore, visiting the town from the resort does not require major planning, since you can reach it in less than half an hour on foot, 5 minutes by car or by a tourist train operating from the resort to Nin.


On your way to Nin, stop by the Church of St Nicholas from the 11th century, where seven Croatian kings are said to have been crowned. Feel the magic of the little church on a hillock in the midst of a meadow and envisage life as it once was, so many centuries ago.



Church of St. Nicholas near Zaton Holiday Resort and Nin (Photo by Jurica Gaspar; Image source: Nin Tourist Board)

Trip down history lane

Fascinating traces of times long past are visible at every turn in Nin. In its statues, ancient remains, churches, museums… As you approach the historical islet, you are greeted by the Statue of Duke Branimir, the first legally recognized ruler of the Croatian state. Crossing the old bridge and passing through the Lower Town Gate, you soon reach the Statue of Gregory of Nin, the work of renowned Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović. Rubbing its golden toe is said to bring you good luck, besides providing a great photo opportunity.


Not far from the statue, there stands the Church of the Holy Cross, unchanged since it was built in the 9th century. Known as the ‘smallest cathedral in the world’, it was constructed in such a way that it serves as a sun calendar. So, upon entering, pay attention to the amazing play of light.


Another reminder of just how far back the town dates can be found in the form of the remains of the Roman Temple almost two millennia old. For an in-depth insight into the historical heritage stop by the Museum of Nin Antiquities. All these historical sights are within a very short walking distance.


Royal beauty

Follow a queen’s footsteps as you’re walking along the coast northwest from the center of Nin! According to a legend, the long sandy beach was a particular favorite with the wife of the first Croatian king Tomislav. Hence its name - Queen’s Beach. Once there, don’t miss the opportunity to apply a bit of medicinal mud found nearby, both for health and fun purposes.



Medicinal mud in Nin’s Lagoon (Photo by Ilonka Kapetanović; Image source: Nin Tourist Board)

Season it with salt

Head to the opposite side of Nin’s Lagoon, east of the center, for the saltworks! Learn about the traditional ways of salt production, as it has been done here since Antiquity, and buy an authentic souvenir at the Museum of Salt.


The saltworks form part of the larger area in Nin’s Lagoon that has been protected as Natura Habitat eco park. Namely, the untouched nature is home to a variety of plant and animal species, especially birds, some of which are endemic or endangered. So, take a stroll along the wooden trails and appreciate the preserved nature around you.


Irresistible Nin

Small in size, yet magnificent! Let the town of Nin work its charm and show you all its fascinating colors, its stories of the past and present.