Rest & recharge in beautiful nature at Zaton Holiday Resort in 2022

Trim track in beautiful natural surroundings at Zaton Holiday Resort

Mesmerizing blue sea, with light waves washing the shore. Mediterranean vegetation in refreshing shades of green. Paired with the clear blue sky and a light breeze, it’s the ideal setting for pure relaxation. It’s your safe haven to rest, it’s Zaton Holiday Resort. Here’s how you can fully enjoy it in 2022:


Reconnect with nature

With its pine trees, olive groves, Mediterranean herbs and shrubs, the resort represents the perfect example of typical Dalmatian scenery. A place to reconnect with nature and re-energize away from daily concerns. But it’s not only about giving you a peaceful place to do that. It’s also about preserving it for generations to come.


You might be curious to learn that as many as 220 types of plants grow at the resort, 47 of which are trees, mostly Aleppo pine. It is precisely because of such carefully preserved natural surroundings that the resort has been awarded various eco certificates and labels including GreenKey, EcoCamping and Blue Flag.


As a part of the eco project ‘Nature we grow with’, several thoughtfully selected eco spots were created at the resort. You can learn about plants and animals surrounding you, sit in a shade reading a good book or listening to your favorite playlist. Similarly, there is an ongoing reforestation project ‘It takes time to grow’, introduced to repair the damage caused by a storm a few years back. As a part of it, a linear park was created allowing you to be active or simply take it easy while your children play at the playgrounds.



Eco spot (‘Nature we grow with’ project) at Zaton Holiday Resort

Relax & re-energize… with a view

There’s something soothing about the beautifully tended nature and the sight of the sea… be it from your lounger in the cool shade or from an elevated position enjoying the massage beds in the swimming pool. Or as you revitalize your body by being active.


Use the opportunity while staying in a stress-free environment to get or keep fit. You might even be sore a bit after doing sports, but you will also feel good. A perfect example is our 2,6-kilometer trim track, which is great for all generations with various levels of fitness. Passing through the woods with plenty of shade, the multifunctional trail has 19 stops marked with yellow concrete shapes that fit nicely with the scenery. They also include equipment made of natural materials. The trail can be used as you see fit: for sports purposes such as running or simply for a light walk discovering and enjoying the nature around you.


Besides the trim track, the resort provides a wide selection of sports options: from outdoor fitness and aerobics on the beach to cycling, ball sports such as football on artificial turf, handball, basketball, beach volleyball, (table) tennis, adventure golf and a golf range to practice your moves. Doing them outside, taking in the sun and breathing in the healthy sea air - it’s pure positive energy.


Explore more

Consider looking beyond the resort for the beauty of nature, as well. Go boating to appreciate the magnificent islands of the Zadar archipelago. Go hiking up the mountain in Paklenica National Park. Explore the Zrmanja river and Lake Vrana (Nature Park). Discover and enjoy the well-preserved nature both in the resort and beyond, and experience fulfilling moments on holiday.



Beautiful nature in Vrana Lake Nature Park

A break to unwind

Can’t make it for long? Then why not consider simply taking a break to unwind, even if it’s just for a few days. After all, 3 days in nature can work wonders and the resort has a special offer for you in such a case.


Take that moment to disconnect

Switch off your gadgets for a while and just take in the tranquility and beautiful scenery around you. Leave your routine behind and relax, your body and mind will greatly appreciate it. Without any stress, without browsing. Not because there is no WiFi, but rather to fully live in the moment. And Zaton Holiday Resort provides you with precisely the right place to do so.