Warm up your fall and winter months with Zadar Region: a photo guide

Feel Zadar Region | Sakarun Beach, Dugi otok (Image source: Zadar Region)

The feel of the sun rays caressing your skin, the refreshing scent of pine trees, the sound of the waves rushing to the shore… Keep the soothing image of pure relaxation by the sea in your daydream for the cool autumn and winter months ahead, and add a few more that paint the perfect picture of the breathtaking Zadar region.


Clear blue sea

Mesmerizing sea - a true sight for sore eyes! Let it bring you a sense of peace and tranquility, just by looking at it.


Mediterranean greenery

Aaaah, the lovely scent of Mediterranean plants all around. Evergreen trees and shrubbery, native herbs such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, provide the perfect green contrast to the sea. In other words, Mediterranean scenery takes your breath away.


Well-tended Mediterranean greenery at Zaton Holiday Resort


Beautiful beaches

Sheer pleasure and enjoyment! Think about how amazing it feels to lie down on a lounger in the shade, sipping your favourite drink, sunbathing, reading or just relaxing free of care.


Oh, the sunset…

The most beautiful one in the world. The unique way in which the setting sun paints the evening sky is especially wonderful on the promenade in Zadar. When paired with the Sea Organ and the Greeting to the Sun (Sun Salutation) light installation, you are in for an experience to remember.


Beautiful sunset at the Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun in Zadar

Life as it once was

The special charm of historical towns and villages. Doesn’t wandering along narrow cobbled streets and old squares in Zadar give you the feeling of history, of the way life has changed from how it was so many centuries, even millennia ago?


From endless islands…

Tiny, long, heart-shaped… sparkling in the sea! There are hundreds of islands of all shapes, sizes and landscapes in the Zadar region, making it a popular sailing and boating destination. Some of them have been protected for their well-preserved nature: Kornati National Park and Telašćica Nature Park.


Heart-shaped Galešnjak island in Zadar region

… To mountain tops

Hiking all the way to the top! Paklenica National Park is not only a great destination for hiking fans, but it also offers spectacular views of both the mountain and the sea.


From rivers…

Discovering the beauty of the Zrmanja and its tributaries! With its winding course and canyon, the river is a great destination for fans of outdoors.


Exploring the Zrmanja river

… To impressive waterfalls

See the brilliant cascades and waterfalls in one of Croatia’s most popular national parks: the Krka river. It is an absolute must-see in the wider Zadar region.


Your home on holiday

A place where you feel comfortable, relaxed, a place to call your home by the sea - Zaton Holiday Resort. Not only do you have an excellent beach, swimming pool complex and sports facilities at disposal, but you also do a number of activities and enjoy a rich entertainment program. All for your memorable stay in the Zadar region.


Top destination for a holiday - Zaton Holiday Resort

Zadar region is all that...

And so much more. It is also a unique adventure you have on your journey of discovery. And delicious flavours of Dalmatian cuisine savoured under the starry sky. Not to mention all the fun and memorable moments you like to call to mind… such as #ZatonMoments. So, keep the autumn and winter gloom away and use the photo guide to daydream about all the possibilities awaiting you in the Zadar region. Until they come true on your next holiday!