Your Summer of 2021 … in Zadar Region

Excellent summer holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort

Make it a summer of laughter, relaxation & joy. Make it a summer of new experiences, exciting activities and quality moments with your nearest and dearest. Make it happen… at Zaton Holiday Resort in the summer of 2021!


Time for a break

Just press pause to work, daily chores and routine, and treat yourself to a change of scenery! And what a change that is. The mesmerising sea paired with Mediterranean greenery on land are a sight for sore eyes just as the air is healthier than in the towns on the continent. It’s the perfect setting for pure relaxation.


If your obligations don’t allow you to take a full holiday, consider at least the Zaton Break, even if just for a few days. After all, you can fly to Zadar Airport and then arrive in Zaton in no time. Your body and mind will appreciate the well-deserved time off.


Quality time with favourite people

Create lovely memories for your collection of special moments… with the most important people in your life! After all, nothing is better than seeing your family members laughing and enjoying themselves day in, day out. Play games together, go on exciting trips to Zadar, Nin and national parks, support your family members in their interests and pursuits, simply enjoy your Family Special in Zaton.


Having fun with family at Zaton Holiday Resort

Why not also consider a romantic getaway for just the two of you? Share amazing moments exploring the region or simply relaxing, lounge together by the pool or in the shade on the beach, enjoy a delicious dinner by the sea and then just walk off into the sunset… for a relaxing Summer in Pair.



Time for fun & enjoyment

Great fun for everyone! From the moment the sun rises till well into the evening, the resort is one enjoyable place to be with a number of exciting activities. So, pick your favourites and make the most of all the resort has to offer.


Take part in the activities led by our lovely animation team at the swimming pool complex, on the beach or at the Zatonino Club. Let your kids explore the playgrounds and ecology spots, and take up new hobbies such as archery and mini driving school at the Flip Flip Activity Park.

Then, in the evening, enjoy the special events. From disco nights to quizzes and shows, from Gourmet Nights at the Beach Restaurant & Bar Mareta to amazing performances at the open-air theatre with the latest 3D mapping technology, a magical ending to a magical day can happen every day… at Zaton Holiday Resort.



Enjoying a Gourmet Night at the Beach Restaurant & Bar Mareta

Time for sports

Be active on land and at sea! Explore the region by bike, play a selection of team sports on the available sport facilities and do a workout in the outdoor gym with a sea view. Take up golf and try a few swings at the new Golf Range or challenge your family members to a game of mini golf. Zaton Holiday Resort indeed is a top destination for active holiday seekers and those who like to take on new challenges.

Be a part of our Sport September with competitions and sports events! Make sure your late summer holiday happens at a special price with our Non-refundable Rate.


Your summertime in Zaton in 2021

Make it count… and don’t miss the special offers at Zaton Holiday Resort! With the perfect seaside setting, excellent accommodation and a wealth of available activities and entertainment to choose from, your summer of 2021 is sure to be the one to remember.