Special Offers for a Very Special Holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort in 2021

Zaton Holiday Resort - your perfect holiday destination

Warm up and colour the cold, gloomy days of autumn and winter ahead with the promise of sunny holiday moments in the year to come! Think about fun family times, be the early bird and make it a sure thing by checking out special offers for your stay at Zaton Holiday Resort in 2021:


Family Special for a memorable time together

The giggles, fun, quality-moments together, exciting new activities in a stress-free environment, all for memories your family will greatly cherish. Make sure you have precisely that and more with the Family Special deal in Zaton. The offer includes a choice of accommodation (apartments, mobile homes or glamping tents) and half-board for the price of B&B. Your family will also get special treats such as pizza lunch, ice-cream for kids and cocktails for parents as well as a free game of mini golf.



Also note that the offer comes with flexible booking conditions, in other words, you can cancel your stay free of charge up to 15 days prior to your arrival date. The cancellation option is prolonged to the day before the arrival date in case of COVID-19- related travel restrictions.



Having fun at the pool - Zaton Holiday Resort

Catch your Early Booking deal

It’s never too bright and early to arrange a dream holiday! By booking well in advance your stay in an apartment, a mobile home or a glamping tent, you get a 5% discount off the regular price. The Early Booking special offer also includes a flexible cancellation policy. You can cancel your stay free of charge up to 15 days prior to your arrival date. In case of COVID-19- related travel restrictions, free cancellation also applies within two weeks before the booked arrival date. So, don’t waste a minute and grab your deal now, because it’s available only for a limited time.


A perfect 10 for a holiday with a Non-Refundable Rate

Let there be no ‘buts’ about it! By using the special deal with a non-refundable rate, you get 10% off the regular price for your stay in an apartment, a mobile home or a glamping tent at Zaton Holiday Resort. Even though the name of the offer suggests otherwise, it does provide full flexibility in terms of refund, cancellation or modification of your booking in case of COVID-19- related travel restrictions.



Pure relaxation on a holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort



What (more) is in it for you?

Feeling the pre-holiday buzz, first and foremost! By booking well in advance, you not only save money and have more time for holiday budgeting, but you also have something to be happily occupied with. For example, you can use the months ahead to study the attractions in the region, read about facts and curiosities, make an outline of the activities you would like to try out at the resort, places to visit, experiences to have. Another advantage is that you have plenty of time to communicate any special need or request you might have.


Counting the days … with a sunny side up

A cup of tea may do the trick, just as a thick blanket might make you feel cosy. Still, arranging a holiday early keeps you warm at heart. It’s about having wonderful moments to look forward to, daydream about and make plans about special time to be spent with your favourite people at a pretty exceptional place and for a good price. So, choose a special offer 2021 and let your heart flutter with sweet anticipation of a lovely holiday at Zaton Holiday Resort!