See You at Zaton Fest 2019!

Musical kickoff  - Aladdin

Are you ready to roll? Ready to have fun? Ready for Zaton Fest 2019? The summer of 2019 peaks at Zaton Holiday Resort with seven days of sheer joy and entertainment. Here is a taste of great fun awaiting you every single day from August 12 to 18 at Zaton Fest:



Musical kickoff

You don’t need to summon a genie from a lamp to have a great time - Aladdin will do! To mark the beginning of Zaton Fest, let Aladdin musical at the theatre work its magic on Monday (12/8). With elaborate costumes and setting, it’s a wonderful introduction to enjoyable days ahead.



Exciting games night

Start the one-minute countdown for a fabulous prize! Take part or just watch the thrilling game show Minute to Win It at the theatre on Tuesday (13/8). The contest starts at 16:00 with some twenty families competing in the Family Scavenger Hunt. The eight most successful families will end up competing for the main award in the Minute to Win It game at 21:30 at the theatre with the winner taking a 5-day Zaton holiday in 2020 free of charge.



Kick it, bend it, pass that ball, without lifting a single leg! Participate or cheer on the gamers showing their skills at the PS FIFA 2019 at the Sidro sports bar on the eastern beach.



Exciting games night

Games Night



Why not also round off a great day with a relaxing evening by the sea at central beach? Val beach bar invites you to enjoy a live musical performance under the starry sky.



And the show goes on...

It’s party time! Don’t miss the colourful ambiance at the swimming pool complex on Wednesday (14/8). So, hit the pools to dive & dance at the electrifying Pool Party.



Get your bucket of popcorn ready and head to the theatre for the open air cinema night! Look forward to a memorable movie experience out in the open.



How about a live musical performance with a view of the sea? Take it easy sipping your favourite drink and listening to a band performing at the Val beach bar.



Pool Party

Pool Party



Party on!

Take up the challenge or watch those who do in an exciting obstacle course on Thursday (15/8)! Let out your inner child and master the thrilling, wacky and fun filled obstacles for Wipeout event at the central beach.



Also, give it up for our youngest stars with the guidance of our animation team! Support the mini performers, possibly your own children amongst them, in their interpretation of the Mini Musical at the theatre.



Care to dance? Then brighten up your evening even further with a UV Party at the Saturnus disco. Show off your dance moves glowing all the while!



Rock on… like a ninja rocker!

Killing it at Kids Ninja Race! Cheer on your little ninjas in their efforts to give it their all at the fun race on the beach on Friday (16/8).



Kids Ninja Race

Kids Ninja Race



Are you ready to rock? Then hit the theatre that same evening to get your share of musical fun with the Rock Me Up concert!



Psst… it’s music time!

Take a moment for yourself, your music, your playlists! Get your headphones and have it your way at the Silent Disco hosted by the Val beach bar on Saturday (17/8).



Or hit the right note with an open air cinema at the theatre! After all, it’s the most special way to enjoy a great movie.



Having fun … the Dalmatian way

Experience the very best of Dalmatian lifestyle with Dalmatian Eve at the central beach stage! Get to know more about traditions and take part in the fun just as a person from Dalmatia would on Sunday (18/8).



Having fun … the Dalmatian way

Dalmatian Day



Apart from the themed decorations such as nets, barrels, torches etc., look forward to Dalmatian music performed by a ‘klapa’ (group of a capella singers), traditional ‘tanac’ dance performance by a folk association and authentic flavours of the region including grilled fish, wine and typical treats.



Why not also try your luck at the bocce tournament or in Dalmatian team games? The latter includes teams made up of different nationalities competing in tasks and games such as carrying an apple, ‘stone over the shoulder’ traditional game, tug of war (rope pulling) and a wheelbarrow race. The children are also invited to show their creativity in the available workshops.



Absolutely unmissable

Join in the fun awaiting you at Zaton Holiday Resort on August 12 -18 simply because … Zaton Fest is the best!