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Professional Laundry Services

Our professional laundry service was established in 1970. and successfully operates within the parent company Turisthotel d.d. Long-term experience and the competence of the staff, a continuous development and the investment in contemporary technology ensure the excellence of our service. We are open to the public for all types of businesses. Many hotels are customers of our washing and ironing services, as well as their distribution.

Following world trends, we were among the first in Croatia to offer our clients the service of renting linen. Our linen rental is of high quality and allows us to offer a complete service. This service includes quality products, good storage, and quick and reliable pick-up delivery. Our main goal is customer satisfaction, which includes savings in time, labor and money.

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Turisthotel Professional Laundry Services and Linen Rental

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F.   +385 23 343 215