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A gift-wrapped Zaton holiday in 2020 under the Christmas tree? Yes, please!

All is shiny, all is bright! The most joyous time of year has arrived. The time to recall all the amazing moments you have lived in 2019, including #ZatonMoments, to count your blessings and turn to the future, with hopefully just as many fabulous moments in the year to come.



This is Us! Photo Guide to Zaton Holiday Resort

See it for yourself! A picture may be worth a thousand words, but nothing really beats experiencing the story portrayed. So, take a look at our stories, imagine yourself in that exact same spot, then come to Zaton and make it happen in 2020!



Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Family on Holiday in Zadar Region

What is a great family holiday all about? First and foremost, it’s about sharing amazing moments together in a new environment without the usual daily distractions. So, how can you ensure that the holiday spent in Zadar region is time well spent for your family in particular? Here are a few suggestions about how to enrich your time together:



Zadar Region in (All the Right) Numbers

3,2,1… go! How good are you with numbers when it comes to Zadar region? What fun facts were you fascinated by the most during your stay? Check out the following selection, see how well you know the region and equip yourself with all the right digits: