Boating in the Zadar Archipelago

Boating in the Zadar Archipelago 

Excitement, adventure, relaxation, fulfillment, awe, admiration - many are emotions boating fans get to experience in Croatia. After all, the Adriatic Sea is widely known as the paradise for those who sail along its coast and around the numerous islands of many amazing shapes and wonderful nature. Many of the islands and islets are uninhabited and can be primarily accessed in private arrangements, since there are no ferry lines available to reach them.   



The beautiful Zadar archipelago 

While the entire Croatian coast is well worth exploring by boat, one of the most amazing spots is definitely the Zadar archipelago which consists of islands of all sizes as well as the pearls of the Adriatic Sea - the Kornati islands, which is a group of around 150 islands, islets and rocks. A bit less than a hundred of them form part of the national park famous for extraordinary geomorphological shapes and rich biodiversity of its eco system. Most of the islands are exceptionally small, the average surface area is barely a half of a km2 (0,47 km2) and yet they give a lot to look forward to for all those lucky enough to approach them by boat - the amazing landscape and some food for thought about the wonders of mother nature. 

Needless to say that  the other islands outside Kornati group are equally worth exploring - be it to have a swim on the famous sandy Sakarun beach on Dugi Otok, to admire the green Ugljan island or enjoy the solitude and peace and quiet on Sestrunj island. And this is just to name a few of the islands that are easier to find on the map. The smaller the island, the less probable it is to have people permanently staying there. In fact, most of them are uninhabited and give the opportunity to those who approach them by boat to experience truly pristine nature, just as it has been since always. 


Not nearly all

Apart from the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful Adriatic coast, boating fans experience a truly unique holiday. While many of them sail with their friends and family, ie. with their favourite people, they get to enjoy solitude together - on untouched beaches in hidden coves that can be reached only by sea, so far away from the stress of modern life or the crowded beaches on land. Sailing also inspires to renounce all the technological devices used in everyday life, and yet there are just so many photo opportunities not to be missed. Feel like jumping off the boat and swimming to the shore, or like sailing to another magnificent spot - just do whatever feels right at that moment because you are the master of your boat and your holiday.   


Ahoy and away 

Only the sun above and endless sea before you. It’s the most fulfilling holiday moment. With Zaton Holiday Resort as your host and haven for your boat , and the Zadar archipelago before you to explore, your holiday cannot get any better. Every single day.

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