Welcome to the Summer Season: Let the Show Begin

Exciting performance at the theatre at Zaton Holiday Resort

We love summer not only because it is the most abundant time of the year when the sun shines so brightly that the majestic Adriatic Sea glistens and sparkles, but also because the nights feel so warm and nourishing that you never want to go home. And why should you, when we have so much to entertain you and make you feel the magic in everything you see, do, and hear?


Our stage is always buzzing with performers and technicians getting ready for the evening shows that light up the place with a trillion sparks of fun, magic, and creativity. And yes, they don't mind your kids touching the props; it’s all part of theater culture where the audience truly brings out the best in the performers.


Different Show Every Night of the Week

All seven days of the week, the first hour of the evening program, as the sun slowly sets, is dedicated wholeheartedly to your kids and their fun. We call it the Kids Party but it's so much more than that. There are endless games, great mini-talent challenges, dance missions, and so much more. Only imagination is the limit.


Pirate-themed dance performance at Zaton Holiday Resort

Afterward, as the night begins to shine and the stage lights spread magic, our artists will wow you with their show. And this year, we are especially proud to present the following shows for each day of the week.


Millennials Rhapsody (Teen/Adult, Saturday)

A dance show that brings you back to the beginning of this millennium, to a time when hip-hop music videos were more than just a number-one hit of the season. A time when hip-hop spread from the Bronx and became a generational movement that created a new lifestyle for millennials.


The Earth (Family, Tuesday - starting from July 2)

"Nature knows no good and evil, it only knows balance and imbalance".


This is a dance story about Mother Earth as the source of life and the importance of preserving our environment. When we care for the earth, we also care for our home.



A Dance Story at the Zaton Holiday Resort

The Greatest (Family, Thursday - starting from July 4)

Enjoy the dance interpretation of the movie musical hit "The Greatest Showman".


Cinderella (Kids, Friday - starting from July 5)

Stage extension of a popular fairy tale in which magic only lasts until midnight and true love knows no obstacles.


Mulan (Kids, Tuesday)

A unique show performed entirely by kids for kids. Mulan is a fierce and beautiful Chinese warrior from a popular animated movie who wants to teach you how to win every battle that matters.


Latino Family Fun (Family, Monday)

The best interactive show in the world where parents get to play with their kids while they dance to Latino beats and learn old and new Latino moves. Latino Family Fun gives new meaning to the phrase " Show Must Go On".


Zatonino Party (Kids, Wednesday)


Zatonino entertaining children on stage during a live performance

Zatonino is our friendly mascot who will show your kids how to have even more fun.


Make the Most Out of Summer

Summer is here and we can't wait to see you at Zaton Holiday Resort. Hurry to our booking page and don't miss out on the fun & relaxation this year!