Joys of late spring in the Zadar region in 2022

Lovely beach & pool area at Holiday Resort, Zadar region

Basking in the sun, lounging by the pool and the sea, actively exploring the beautiful surroundings around you… Why wait for the summer to make a grand entrance when you can take a few days off towards the end of May and beginning of June to enjoy it to the fullest? Here is how you can make it happen:


Late spring getaway

Just consider a few basic advantages… The weather is just right - pleasantly warm, without the summer heat setting in. The roads, motorways and border crossings are not congested, while there are increasingly more flights heading to Zadar Airport to choose from. The number of visitors in the region is on the rise, but it hasn’t reached the summer peak yet. In other words, you get the perfect set of conditions for a holiday.


Make it for a week, or a long weekend, just make it count. Or use the opportunity during the Pentecost school holidays (if your province has them), and change the scenery with your loved ones to rest and recharge. Apart from being a top destination in the Zadar region, Zaton Holiday Resort has prepared several special offers you can choose from for your stay .


Top activities at every turn

Want to disconnect and get back to nature? Interested in taking up new hobbies? Simply adjust your plan and preferences to the time you intend to stay in the Zadar region this late spring, so that your family can make the most of it.


Enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean setting in Zaton! Dedicated to preserving the natural environment, the resort provides the perfect backdrop for your late spring rest. Whether you lie in the shade of pine trees by the sea, take a break at eco spots or go for a workout along the trim track, you get to enjoy excellent time outdoors.



Doing a workout along the trim track at Zaton Holiday Resort

There are a number of leisure and sports facilities available at Zaton Holiday Resort you can freely use. From outdoor gym equipment to courts for team sports, the resort is one large playground and sports center. So, simply decide what’s your preference and get in good shape.


Would you like to give golf a try at the golf practice range while your children have mini car driving lessons at the Flip Flop Activity Park? The sport-loving youngsters can also take swimming lessons or take part in a soccer practice.


And there’s more. You can take part in various fitness activities on the beach or the pool, join in sports tournaments and even challenge yourself to archery lessons. The thrill continues with the new Zaton Adventure Run, or the Zaton Extreme obstacle course only the most persistent ones can master at the central beach.


Pure fun & entertainment for all generations

As run by our animation team! Be it in the morning, during the day or in the evening, good times during the Pentecost holidays, ie. late spring, never stop!


Our youngest guests can join our fluffy mascot Zatonino at the Kids Club for various workshops, competitions and activities. Then in the evening they can show their moves during the Zatonino dance at the theater. Why not also let them become the stars of the Mini Musical, supported by our animation team?


Tweens aged from 11 to 15 can enjoy what the Junior Club has in store for them! They get to show their skills at sports competitions and tournaments, participate in Tik Tok challenges, virtual games, fun contests at the pool, set off on bike tours, and more.


Then in the evening the fun starts at the theater for all. Look forward to performances, interactive shows, dance and just pure entertainment!



Evening entertainment at the theater at Zaton Holiday Resort


Late spring, with the Pentecost period included, also comes with special events. Watch your kids race with Zatonino, take part in the soccer night tournament on Tuesdays or the Silent Disco on Fridays. Also, don’t miss the Flip Flop Area Night for the whole family.


Explore the region

Spread your wings in the Zadar region! Take a morning walk or a bike ride to Nin, and visit Zadar in the evening to see it (and that spectacular sunset!) in all its glory. Also, the timing couldn’t be better to see the amazing wonders of nature Zadar region has to offer and actively explore them. From Paklenica National Park in spring colors to the sparkling sea around the islands of the Zadar archipelago, from the rivers of Krka (national park) and the Zrmanja with its canyon to Vrana Lake (nature park).


Seeing the spring 2022 off…

… and welcoming summer the best possible way. With a timeout from daily tasks, with sunny weather and beautiful seaside, and with a wealth of feel-good moments! So, you only need three words for your Pentecost holidays, i.e. late spring getaway: Zaton Holiday Resort!