What Are Your Favorites at Zaton Holiday Resort?

Pure relaxation at the pool, Zaton Holiday Resort

The time has finally come. You’re on holiday! Carefree moments ahead of you, busy schedule left behind… Now it’s just you and your loved ones at the seaside in a beautiful Mediterranean setting. So, what are the things you always remember dearly, can’t get enough of and keep sharing with your friends? Check out what Zaton Holiday Resort has in store for you and pick your favorites:


1. Arrival

The feeling of genuine excitement and curiosity upon entering the resort… If you are arriving for the first time, you’ll immediately want to see and explore all the resort has to offer. If you are a returning guest, you’ll be eager about all the amazing moments you know await you, and see what changes we have introduced. As we always do, year in year out.


2. Pure relaxation

It may be a good night’s sleep in your comfortable accommodation unit, be it an apartment, mobile home or a glamping tent. Or an afternoon nap in a hammock on your camping pitch. It might be lounging in the shade of a fragrant pine tree on the beach, with a light breeze caressing your skin. Or a soothing water massage in the pool.


3. Family time

No school, no work. Just all the time in the world to enjoy all together. Starting from a family breakfast, be it on the terrace of your accommodation unit or at the buffet restaurant Kužina. Then, building sandcastles at the beach, playing ball in the shallow water and snorkeling to see the world below the surface.



Enjoying the sea and the sunset at Zaton Holiday Resort

Having fun in a game of Adventure Golf, beach volleyball with your tweens and teens, or playing team sports your kids love. How about taking part in games led by our animation team? The list of activities your family can do indeed seems endless. As do the opportunities for lasting memories every step of the way.


4. Me-moments

Taking a precious moment just for yourself… Like floating on an inflatable flamingo or sitting on an SUP board taking in the open sea, the lovely beach and the entire resort before your eyes. Maybe you also like to read a good book or listen to your favorite playlist at one of our ecology spots or in the linear park, or while you are lounging under the sun umbrella by the pool. Just as your tweens and teens might enjoy finding their beat in the Silent Disco or your younger ones meeting their peers at the Zatonino Kids Club.


5. That starry sky

Admiring the amazing display of colors as the sun sets and then the twinkling stars on the night sky. There is something truly soothing about open spaces without high buildings around, just pure nature’s beauty. Be it as you are sitting on a bench at the beach, watching a movie or a fascinating musical at the open-air theater, or listening to the Sea Organ while visiting Zadar.


6. Sense of accomplishment

Maybe you have mastered a new hobby such as archery at the Flip Flop Activity Park. Or you are feeling your muscles after water aerobics, having worked out along the trim track or at the outdoor fitness area with a view of the sea. You may have also scored in sports, done well in a contest or a quiz show.



A great workout along the trim track, Zaton Holiday Resort

Just as you’ll love to watch your kids’ accomplishments. Be it mastering swimming, giving their best in games and competitions or performing with Zatonino in a musical at the theater. Those feel-good moments awaiting you at every turn at the resort indeed are memorable.


7. Delicious flavors of holiday

Don’t you just love the refreshing watermelon with its juice dripping down your hand? Or the yummy taste of a home-made ice cream from the Mendula cake shop? How about enjoying a wonderful gourmet meal at the Beach Restaurant & Bar Mareta by the sea? You don’t have to be a foodie to appreciate the irresistible food in beautiful surroundings.


#ZatonMoments that count

Don’t they all? Feel free, feel the joy, simply feel good… at Zaton Holiday Resort. And even more so when you can share your favorite moments with the people you love. Over and over again.