A gift-wrapped Zaton holiday in 2020 under the Christmas tree? Yes, please!

Opening amazing Christmas presents

All is shiny, all is bright! The most joyous time of year has arrived. The time to recall all the amazing moments you have lived in 2019, including #ZatonMoments, to count your blessings and turn to the future, with hopefully just as many fabulous moments in the year to come.



It is also the busiest time of year when you’re stressing out about how to find the perfect gift for your nearest and dearest to show your appreciation for their presence in your life. There’s a simple solution to this dilemma, though, and it goes as follows:



A Zaton holiday … underneath the Christmas tree

It’s a calm Christmas morning… Time to take a look under the green Christmas tree lit by the shiny decorations and lights, time to untie the ribbon bow and unwrap the presents. Just picture the surprise and joyful look on the face of your partner and/or family members as you present them with an unexpected gift they will most definitely love - a holiday in Zadar region at Zaton Holiday Resort in 2020!



Christmas time in Zadar (Source: Zadar Tourist Board, photo by author Filip Brala)



It may be a romantic getaway for just the two of you. It may be a week or two of endless family fun. It may be a spring break or the highlight of your summer. Regardless of the time and type of holiday you pick, you cannot go wrong with that choice for a truly unique and thoughtful Christmas gift.



The best present ever … for everyone

It’s a present that cannot be touched, it’s not just another toy or a perfume, but it’s something much more appreciated for what it represents. It stands for quality time together, shared fun moments and new memorable experiences in beautiful and exciting Zadar region.



Apart from making your favourite person or people happy, another plus is avoiding the crowds in the busy shopping areas, since you can arrange everything from the comfort of your home. Also, you can make the decision about what to buy for Christmas and where to go on holiday next year rather early - two at one stroke. Finally, by booking now, you also pay less, since Zaton Holiday Resort rewards early bookings with a discount.



Holiday in Zaton as the perfect Christmas present



Setting the scene

How could anyone see it coming? The surprise element may be half the charm of giving a Zaton holiday as a Christmas present. Still, to add a bit of fun and anticipation to gifts opening, you can also transform the actual present into a scavenger hunt or a guessing game with subtle hints. You may frame your favourite #ZatonMoments photo, strategically place a Zaton souvenir within sight, raise a glass to toast with Maraschino liqueur or wine from Zadar region. It’s also a great foretaste and a reminder of what you can look forward to next year.



This year… show it with a Zaton holiday in 2020

Christmas is about togetherness, gratitude for past experiences and hope for even more lovely shared moments ahead. A gift-wrapped Zaton holiday under the Christmas tree is not only a very original present, but also a sincere token of appreciation and an invitation for even more quality time together. So, this Christmas just say ho, ho, ho … holiday in Zaton in 2020!