Remains of the Times Long Past in Zadar Region

Remains of the Times Long Past in Zadar Region

Follow the traces of history in Zadar region and discover fascinating facts and stories about life as it once was in this area! Inhabited for more than several millennia, the region has a variety of amazing locations, remains of the past, just waiting for you to explore them. So, travel back in time at the following sights:



Picture life in the ancient Roman time in Zadar

Step onto the Roman Forum, the heart of public life in Zadar for more than two millennia! Situated in front of St Donatus’ Church and the Archbishop’s Palace, it is still Zadar’s most favourite place for public gatherings and exciting events. So, take notice of its remains and the preserved pillar, close your eyes and imagine what this square used to be like so many centuries ago.



As one of the largest forums on the Adriatic coast, it used to include a monumental basilica, temple dedicated to Roman gods, place for public speaking, artisans’ shops. It was reconstructed throughout history, but always keeping its initial purpose as a place to meet & greet.



Open the historical treasure chest in Nin



Open the historical treasure chest in Nin

Experience the charm of Nin, the lovely small town near Zadar! A place that used to be the seat of early Croatian kings, was once one of the most important settlements on the Croatian coast, but has lost its status as the centuries passed. The Museum of Nin Antiquities reveals its turbulent past, stories and legends, while the remains of the Roman Temple testify to its significance during the Antiquity.



During the Roman times and even before, Nin used to be an important port with its exact location near Zaton Holiday Resort. Watch out for low tide and go to Kremenjača Cape to find a few millennia old remains of breakwater and ancient walls. There are also short trips in a semi-submarine available from the resort to the site and back.



Unearth the story of ancient town of Asseria

Explore the remains of once mighty town of Asseria not far from Benkovac! On your way through Zadar hinterland, stop by at the Asseria site. The impressive remains of this ghost town hide a story dating back several millennia. Initially settled by the Liburnians, the town was further developed by the Romans to include all the typical elements of ancient architecture with thick walls, a forum, aqueduct etc., only to be left to decay for centuries to come.



Unravel the mystery of Vrana



Unravel the mystery of Vrana

Let your imagination about history run wild in Vrana! Situated close to the nearby lake (a nature park), Vrana used to be one of the most important strongholds and the place of numerous battles until the 17th century. As the first Vatican Embassy in Croatia, it was once run by the Benedictine, Knights Templar and St John orders. Check out the Templars’ estate with allegedly hidden treasure, the reconstructed Maškovića han inn and the remains of the fortress, particularly during the Days of Vrana Knights in August.



Pay respects to unique traditions at a ‘mirila’ site

Get to know the customs and lifestyle of people living the harsh mountain lives on Velebit up to mid 20th century! Mirila refers to stone monuments with engraved symbols, dedicated to the deceased and venerated as the resting place for the soul of the dead, while the body was buried elsewhere.



Opt for an interesting hike from Starigrad or Ljubotić village up the mountain and past mirila sites and look forward to an exciting story and spectacular views. After all, visiting these sites can add a touch of mystery and historical curiosity to your trip to Paklenica National Park.



Discovering the story behind historical sights

Let the facts and stories from your history textbooks come to life right before your eyes! Awaken your family’s curiosity and enjoy fun trips while you find out fascinating information about the rise and fall of numerous historical sights in Zadar region.