Top Experiences in Wider Zadar Region

Top Experiences in Wider Zadar Region

Make it inspirational, unforgettable, make it unique! Spice up your holiday in wider Zadar region by opting for special experiences available only there:



The sound of the Sea Organ and the light show by Greetings to the Sun

Simply sensational sight and sound of nature. An absolute must-see not only in Zadar but Dalmatia in general, the modern attractions Sea Organ and Greetings to the Sun on the city’s promenade are a real treat to your eyes and ears.



The one and only Zadar sunset

The most beautiful in the world. Capture the unique picture of the evening sky while taking a stroll along the Zadar promenade for holiday moments to remember.



The view from the Belltower on a sunny day



The view from the Belltower on a sunny day

183. That’s the number of steps you need to climb to reach the top of the Belltower of St Anastasia’s Cathedral in Zadar. The number is nowhere near the amount of awwws you say once there on a sunny day. The view of the Zadar historical peninsula, the island, the sea and the sky - simply unforgettable.


The entrance ticket: €2



Swimming under a waterfall at Krka National Park

Get ready for an exciting trip to nature! River Krka with the lakes, waterfalls and cascades is sure to take your breath away and it also offers you a unique experience of swimming under Skradinski buk and Roški slap waterfalls.


The entrance ticket to NP: €14-27 (April-October)



The ultimate selfie on the mountain top at Paklenica National Park



The ultimate selfie on the mountain top at Paklenica National Park

Challenge yourself to the top of the mountain! Such an impressive accomplishment involves an altogether four hour hike that leads you to and from Vidakov kuk in Paklenica National Park and even more sensational opportunity for a selfie with breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea in the background.


The entrance ticket to NP: €3-8 (depending on the season)



A panoramic flight over the islands

Fly for a touch of adrenaline and true beauty! A panoramic flight over Kornati islands and the islands of Zadar archipelago reveals pure force of nature’s creation.


The price: approx. €125



Kayaking round Dugi Otok island and down Zrmanja river

Image source: Zadar Region, author: I. Biocina



Kayaking round Dugi Otok island and down Zrmanja river

Paddle your way in extraordinary nature! Discover the cliffs, caves and beautiful bays on Dugi Otok island by choosing a kayak trip, be it just for a day or more. The best kayak adventure on the mainland happens along Zrmanja river and includes going through the magnificent canyon, swimming under a waterfall and some adrenaline while passing down rapids.


The price: approx. €100 (Dugi Otok) and €40 (Zrmanja)



Visiting the unique Museum of Salt

Experience tradition at a place where time seems to have stopped - Nin’s Saltworks! Famous for its traditional and eco-friendly salt production, the saltworks offers tours with a fascinating insight into the production and life in the region, from the past up until the present. The Museum of Salt is also a place to get hold of a unique souvenir from the region.


Tour price: €9



Tasting the very best of the region



Tasting the very best of the region

Treat yourself to the unique tastes of the region! Sit back and relax on an outdoor terrace sipping pure Maraschino (cherry liqueur) or a Maraschino based cocktail for an authentic Zadar feel. Nibble on Nin’s šokol (dried-cured meat product) or Pag island cheese at food festivals or special events dedicated to tradition and cuisine such as the Night of the Full Moon in Zadar. For a modern interpretation of typical Dalmatian cuisine, indulge in a fine dining feast at restaurants such as Foša in Zadar or Tinel at Zaton Holiday Resort.



Priceless experience for a holiday to remember

Add a touch of adventure, a bit of excitement, a unique experience to your holiday! Let wider Zadar region work its irresistible magic and have a holiday of a lifetime!